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Nokia Tablet with 8.3″ 1080p display coming up


After ready what looked like many years sooner than producing its first Home windows tablet Nokia went with the ten.1″ Lumia 2520, but that still left a compact tablet-sized hole to fill.

Turns out that Nokia is working on just such a device and, according to import documents from India, a device codenamed RX-115 has an 8.3″ FullHD IPS touchscreen, nanoSIM slot and is already undergoing testing.

The source also hints at pen support on that 8.3″ canvas. And if the RX-115 codename sounds vague you might recall the international version of the Lumia 2520 carries the codename RX-113.

We’ve heard whispers of an 8-inch Lumia 2020 making its debut in Q1 of 2014 – hopefully this is it.