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Official PlayStation app now available for Android, iOS ahead of PS4’s launch


Sony has launched the reputable PlayStation app for Android and iOS structures beforehand of PS4’s launch in the U. S. and Canada later this week.

The app lets customers chat with their pals; obtain notifications, recreation indicators, and invites, and in addition use the mobile device as an on-display keyboard for the PlayStation four. The app additionally lets customers see what their chums are taking part in, evaluate trophies, and look at their very own profile or up to date job.

The app additionally lets customers browse PlayStation Retailer on the transfer, allowing them to choose video games and add-ons whereas faraway from the console after which push them to their PS4, so they’re prepared once they get dwelling. The app additionally bargains 2nd-display capabilities, to supply higher challenges and regulate in video games which utilise these capabilities.

At last, the app additionally doubles up as a strengthen centre, providing fast get right of entry to to PlayStation device courses, manuals, and the PlayStation Weblog, for the newest information and tips.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is scheduled to launch in US and Canada this Friday, with a date with Europe set for later this month. The PS4 will cost $399, more than rival Microsoft’s Xbox One that has been priced at $499. Microsoft is expected to launch the Xbox One on November 22 in 13 countries.

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While unofficial reports have indicated the PlayStation 4 is expected to hit Indian shores in December this year, the Xbox One is not expected to come to India or other Asian markets until 2014.

The PlayStation app by Sony is now available as a free download for Android and iOS.

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