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Google Apps offers tech refresh and time savings for Haymarket Media

Posted by Simon Turner, Group IT director, Haymarket Media Group

Editor's note: Today’s guest blogger is Simon Turner, group IT director at Haymarket Media Group, a London-based publishing and events company with 60 print and online brands around the world. See what other organizations that have gone Google have to say.

London-based Haymarket Media Group is the largest privately owned media business in the United Kingdom with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. Our 60 consumer and business titles range from marketing, medical and financial to sports and automotive. After more than half a century in publishing, Haymarket Media is transforming itself into a “Digital First” company that focuses on specialist markets via channels which include web, mobile, face to face events and print. This requires a more centralised way of thinking and a sea change in the way we collaborate -- which we get now with Google Apps.

Google caught my eye when a few early adopters in the company from Stuff began using Gmail a few years ago. We were using an aging Microsoft Exchange 2003 for email and needed a technology refresh. I launched a proof of concept last year with 50 staffers. After hearing presentations from Google Apps and Microsoft 365 sales teams, we made the decision to go with Google.

Implementing Google has been smooth. It took just six weeks to move 800 mailboxes earlier this year, with the help of Grove Group, a Google Enterprise partner. Google Apps integrates with other systems we use, like and Active Directory. It also saves us money -- we have Google Apps for about the same price that an email upgrade would cost.

But it’s the collaboration, flexibility and time savings that our employees love most. The 25 gigabyte mailbox in Gmail means people don’t waste time deleting emails; every single employee has an extra half hour in their week that was previously spent clearing out the inbox. During a recent office relocation employees were able to do their work from anywhere using Google Apps on their laptops and mobile devices.

Hundreds of reporters at Haymarket publications are writing and posting stories faster than ever because of the real-time collaboration capabilities with Google Apps. Several writers and editors in different locations can work on the same document simultaneously. They are sharing calendars too, so editors at PistonHeads know which reporter is covering which event at an automobile trade show in Detroit, for example. They are using Google+ to distribute articles to additional readers, as well as to share live events. In a recent Google+ broadcast, 150 people were talking about technology and media in our studio as part of a WebFest event.

We’re not stopping there, either. Later this year, we plan to adopt Google Sites and Google Drive as tools to support strategic development for the business going forward. Google is proving to be a key part of our Digital First campaign to meet -- and even exceed -- the pace of change in our industry.
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Moto G Comes to the US in Time for the Holidays on

We’re giving people plenty of mobile goodness to gobble up this holiday season. Starting today, people in the US can purchase Moto G (GSM version) on with no contract, no SIM lock and an unlockable bootloader for USD$179 with 8GB of storage or USD$199 for 16GB.

That’s one third of the price of current high-end phones, for a smartphone stuffed with plenty of great features:

  • A brilliant 4.5-inch HD display - the sharpest in its class - that goes edge to edge so you can enjoy movies, photos, video chats and more.
  • The newest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor featuring a quad-core CPU for seamless multitasking and enjoying the web, videos and games, with all-day battery life.
  • Android 4.3 Jellybean, the most up to date Android of any phone in its class, with a guaranteed upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat in the beginning of 2014. No skins to clutter or slow the experience and great performance with Google’s unbeatable mobile services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome and Hangouts.
  • Stylish design with a comfortable curved back and 19 customization options, including interchangeable backs (coming soon) - Motorola Shells and Flip Shells in seven colors as well as Grip Shells in five colors.

Moto G (GSM) is available starting today in the US. Moto G (CDMA) will be available in the US in January through carriers as previously announced. See our website for more details and contact your carrier for compatibility.

Moto G is also currently on sale in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, UK, Germany, France, and Canada and is coming soon to other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Moto G will be in more than 30 countries with 60 partners by early 2014.

IMAGES & B-ROLL: Click this link for images and b-roll (you agree to our license terms when downloading images or video)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: pricey but note-worthy

Shin Jong-kyun, President and CEO, head of IT and Mobile Communication division of Samsung presents the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 during its launch. Photo: Reuters/Tobias Schwarz

If you’re not used to handling tablets, the first thing you notice about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that it’s big, very big. This makes it a great phablet but it’s definitely not a pocket-friendly phone, in ways more than one. The device is jam-packed with features and you’d have to be among the savviest of smartphone users to be able to capitalise on all of them.

Pros: The positives are many. From a massive 3GB RAM and 3,200 mAh battery, to a crystal clear 13 MP camera and 5.7 in full-HD Super Amoled screen, this phone packs quite a punch. The phone is fast and lets you run two apps simultaneously with its multi-window feature quite efficiently. The S Pen is improved from the Note 2 and you could do fun things with it — doodle, convert handwriting to text and even dial a phone number with just one click. Perhaps the best new feature is the back cover — with its faux leather finish, it looks elegant and provides a firmer grip on the device. The phone can also be linked to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, though we didn’t have the opportunity to test that. The Note 3 retains the Note 2’s handy, customisable multicolour LED light, to
segregate all your notifications. 

Cons: For a phone with such great memory and processor, it freezes quite often. Sometimes an app will hang, causing the entire phone to freeze and this can get very annoying after the third occurrence. The battery doesn’t last for even a day and the handset also heats up after prolonged use for 2-3 hours. The touch can get a bit fitful, and we had to tap app icons more than once to get them started.

Product: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Quick specs: 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), S Pen, 3GB RAM, 13 MP camera
USP: A does-it-all phablet
Official price: `49,900
Best price: `45,185


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HTC FootballFeed App

UEFA HTC FootballFeed App #Changethegame HTC One

We’ve come a long way since we first announced our partnership with UEFA back in 2012. Now, we’re excited to enter our second season as the Official Global Smartphone Supplier Partner of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, two of the biggest competitions in club football. And to celebrate this, we have created a unique Android app for our fans: HTC FootballFeed.

The official HTC FootballFeed app was designed to bring you closer to the action. Whether you’re in the stadium or watching at home, the app delivers a combination of news, up-to-the-minute UEFA-powered stats, insights, and exclusive content from every match, club, and football player in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

As the Official Global Smartphone Supplier Partner of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, it’s our mission to change the way you, our fans, experience the game through authentic and exclusive experiences, powered by your mobile phone. That’s why we’re offering you an early release of our BETA version of the app – available from 26th November in the Play Store.

The HTC FootballFeed app is the perfect matchday companion. It comes with an easy-to-use design, based on the innovative BlinkFeed user interface. This ensures that all the information displayed in the HTC FootballFeed app is 100% customisable, so you only get the news on the teams that matter to you.

We’ve tested the HTC FootballFeed app to make it as good as it can possibly be. But it’s your opinion that matters most. We’d like to know what you – our fans – think. That’s why we’ll be asking all of you to contribute your ideas and suggestions* for making the HTC FootballFeed app the ultimate guide for every football fan.

Download your HTC FootballFeed now and let us know what you like – and what you’d change.

Have any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about the HTC FootballFeed app.

UEFA HTC FootballFeed App

* Users will be asked for their ideas and suggestions through notifications issued to app users who have accumulated a total usage of more than five minutes. 

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Assassins Creed: Pirates for smartphones and tablets goes official

Shortly after Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag made its way to consoles and gaming rigs, Ubisoft took the wraps off a new addition to the popular franchise, made specifically for gaming devices. Titled Assassin’s Creed: Pirates, the game will be available for iOS and Android devices on December 5 for $4.99.

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates will utilize a new 3D graphics engine, designed specifically for mobile devices. The game will be focused on naval battles – it will allow users to command a ship and square off against enemies while on a quest for treasure.

Players will be available to upgrade both their ship and their crew members. Some of the characters from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will also appear in the game.

You can check out the official Ubisoft trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Pirates below.

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Five Favourite Photography Apps for the HTC One

This is a guest post written by Andrew Dean, a member of HTC elevate, which is our VIP community for HTC’s top fans from around the world.

So you’ve got your HTC One and you’ve taken some brilliant pictures with the outstanding UltraPixel camera, but what apps should you use to edit those photos and upload them whilst on the move? Here’s my roundup of my favourite photography apps for the HTC One!


Snapseed is a great free photo editing app by Google that gives you a wealth of editing options behind a great UI.

snapseed for android on htc one

Snapseed allows you to quickly adjust the brightness, contrast, white balance and more. You can also crop and straighten images with it.

You can choose from lots of different photo filters and edit all of those filters to fine-tune the look of your photo to just how you want it. The app also saves the photo in its original resolution.

photo taken using htc one edited using snapseed


Now you can’t talk about photography apps for Android without mentioning Instagram!

editing photo taken using the htc one on instagram

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a quick and easy photo editing app that allows you to apply some very nice, vintage-looking filters to photos and then share those photos with everyone on Instagram. If you tag photos that you’ve taken with your HTC One series phone with #HTCOne or whatever one series phone you have and @HTC, your photo might get shared on HTC’s Instagram feed!

before and after photo taken with htc one edited in instagram


Flickr is a brilliant photo sharing community that allows you to share your photos that you’ve taken with your One with a whole community of avid photographers and then they can comment on your work (I’m on there too!).

The Flickr app for Android is brilliant and free! Not only does it allow you to upload up to 1TB of photos for free, but they’ve also incorporated the Aviary image editor for Android in to the app, so you can do some quick retouching before you upload your photo.

Edit and organize photos using flickr for android on htc one

With Flickr and your HTC One, you can store approximately 873,813 full resolution photos that you’ve shot with your One, and you can select the privacy settings of the photos before you upload them, so you can choose who views your photos!

While you’re there, don’t forget to join the HTC One Users Group on Flickr and see the world through other HTC One photographers.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch is the touch-screen and optimized-for-phone version of Adobe Photoshop. Its editing powers go far beyond those found in Snapseed, but it takes longer to edit photos in Photoshop Touch than it does Snapseed.

Photoshop Touch

You can change everything from the brightness and contrast of your shot to using the heal tool to get rid of any unwanted things in a photo, like a power pylon or a sign. Photoshop Touch also allows you to work on multiple layers, so you can have greater creative control over your mobile photo editing!

Photoshop Touch Screenshot

Now unlike the other apps that I have featured, sadly Photoshop Touch isn’t free, it’s £2.99 ($4.99), but it’s definitely worth the money!

Google Drive for Photo Backup

Backing your photos up through Google Drive is a great app that comes with your HTC One, One mini, and One max and what it does is backup every photo you take. The backup is accessible via your Google+ and it uses your Google Drive storage. (Hat tip: you get an extra 25GB storage on Google Drive with the One and 50GB with the One max. Here’s how to activate the storage on the HTC One max and all the details on the Google Drive offer for HTC devices.)

G+ Photo Backup

This service is particularly good for those of you who constantly change ROM’s but don’t want to lose your photos, as when you sign in with the Google account that the backup is associated with, you’ll be able to access all you previously backed up photos and will be able to backup any further photos you take.

This app is free, but if it fills up all of your free Google Drive space, you’ll have to start paying for extra storage.

These are my favourite photography apps that I use on my HTC One. What are your favourite photography apps?

All photos in this post are taken on the HTC One.

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NASA Mars rover Curiosity back up and running

News November 25, 2013 04:52 PM ET Computerworld - Problems that put the Mars rover Curiosity out of commission for six days have been fixed so the vehicle, and its robotic arm, are now back at work. NASA electrical engineers traced the problem ...
Latest Technology, Logitech

Logitech Troubleshooting Guide

It’s never fun when you can’t find the answer to a tech question. Be it online searches that turn into never ending rabbit holes, product manuals nowhere to be found, …
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Spend $100 or more at Sony Store, Get $25 back, courtesy of American Express Offers

Thanks to American Express®, Sony will be participating in American Express Offers once again this holiday season. Shoppers can connect any eligible American Express Card with their social accounts – including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare – and sign up for Sony’s offer:

Spend $100 or more and get $25 back as a statement credit

This offer is only for a short time. December 31st  2013 is the last day to take advantage of this deal. Here is how out it works:

  • Step 1: Connect any eligible American Express Card to your Twitter , Facebook, or Foursquare account through
  • Step 2: Add the Sony offer to your Card
  • Step 3: Shop with your connected American Express Card at Sony stores, outlets, galleries or online at and get a one-time $25 statement credit when you spend a total of $100 or more.

And that’s it. Just make sure you connect your eligible Card for the offer before making your purchase in order to get the credit on your American Express statement.

Full terms and details:

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Apple, Latest Technology

Apple to hold a Black Friday sale

Apple Australia posted a teaser about an upcoming Black Friday sale it will be having. The sale will be available both online and through the retail stores.

There is no info on which products will be discounted, the only thing we know is the Apple shopping event will take place on November 29 and it will last 24 hours.

According to the teaser page you will be able to shop online for products and you will get free shipping You can also got to a retail store and participate in the shopping event from there. Just as expected, the supplies will be limited, so you might want to be among the first ones no matter which way you go.

There is no such teaser page on any other Apple website, but the Australian, so we can’t confirm whether or not the same Black Friday sale will be be available in other markets as well.

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