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AMT on a Server? Really?

Lenovo ThinkServer TS440

Lenovo ThinkServer TS440

Guest blog by Ken Timmons, ThinkServer Technical Marketing Manager  -- Yes, really! In fact, Lenovo was the first server vendor to deliver entry-level servers with Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) for out-of-band server management – the ability to manage servers regardless of their state. This is the same management functionality found in laptops and desktops with Intel vPro technology, such as Lenovo ThinkPad products. We believe this is the perfect systems management technology for customers that have little or no IT staff available, are using managed service providers to manage their overall environment (including PCs), or that need to manage servers located in remote locations.

Principled Technologies, a technology assessment company, recently evaluated our ThinkServer TS440 tower server to see how effective AMT 9.0 was at supporting the tasks an IT administrator performs on a regular basis. Their conclusion? They found “… the Lenovo ThinkServer TS440 with Intel AMT 9.0 supported each of our eight use cases with ease.”  And, “Leveraging Intel AMT 9.0, the ThinkServer TS440 proved to be well suited for businesses with constrained budgets…” You can read the full report here.

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Windows Phone 8.1 to get a built-in File Manager

Windows Phone is growing fast, but still lacks some features users might want. That’s why Microsoft has set up a feature suggestion program in which anyone is free to participate.

One such reader has submitted a request for a native file manager in Windows Phone 8.1 and got a reply from the Windows Phone team that the request has been completed, meaning we might see the feature in the next update to the OS.

WP has had rather limited file managing skills ever since its inception and even though things improved recently and we got some decent third-party alternative so it’s great to see the feature going native. iOS lacks in this department while Android has the widest selection of file managers available. We’d much rather see some type of unified notification system in Windows Phone, though.

Hat tip to Michael99uk for sending this in!

Image credit to Metro Commander in the Windows store.

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Give back with the first-ever donatable Hangout-a-thon on Google+

As the holidays approach and our calendars become full, it can be hard to find time to give back to the causes you care about most. Tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday—an annual one-day event that encourages people to make donations to their favorite charities—we’re making it easier for you to connect with a worthy cause through the first-ever “Hangout-a-thon” on Google+.

Starting at 9 a.m. EST tomorrow on the Giving Tuesday Google+ page, you can join nonprofit organizations working to improve clean water access, eliminate bullying, and provide disaster relief in the Philippines. Learn more about their work, ask questions and connect directly to the people they’re helping. Celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Sophia Bush will stop by to join in on the fun, and you can also donate to the charity of your choice while watching the Hangout.

Here’s a preview of what you can do:
  • Connect with people engaging in relief efforts on the ground in the Philippines through Save the Children and UNICEF
  • Join conversations with the founders of Warby Parker and TOMS about gifts that give back, moderated by our partner Mashable
  • Get inspired during a morning yoga tutorial with the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya
  • Hear how the Malala Fund is working to promote education as a peace-building tool in developing nations
  • Participate in a quick coding lesson from, Girls Who Code and Code2040 and learn what you can do to support digital literacy

We hope you’ll participate by watching the Hangout-a-thon, donating to a cause you care about and posting about the event with #givingtuesday on Google+. And to keep the giving going throughout the holiday season, download One Today, our Android app that lets you donate to a different nonprofit every day.

Posted by Ramya Raghavan, Head of Politics and Causes for Google+

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Facebook in talks for acquiring its first Indian start-up

on December 2, 2013, 5:51 IST Silky Malhotra Social networking giant Facebook is planning to acquire Bangalore-based product start up Little Eye Labs, its first acquisition in India. According to reports, the deal is expected to be announced...
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Huawei promo game lets you win a Mercedes-Benz Coupe

Huawei has launched a new promotional campaign called “Unlock Possibilities”, which gives you the chance to win the grand prize – one of the two Mercedes-Benz Coupes. The promo game is on Huawei’s Facebook page and is free to enter.

Apart from the grand prize, you can also snatch an Ascend P6 smartphone, vouchers, in-game points and E-Points. The latter can be exchanged at Huawei’s website for vouchers at select retail partners. The game itself may sound complicated at first, but its quite simple.

Once you’ve liked the company’s Facebook page, you get 1000 points, which you get to spend on unlocking boxes. Once unlocked, you can check if the content of the box matches what’s displayed on the outside of it – you’re one step closer to winning the prize. Now is the time to invite a friend with whom to share the next level in the game. There, you both have to unlock another box. If both unlocked sides display the same prize icon – you both win it.

The part where you win a Mercedes-Benz Coupe sports car is a bit tricky, so watch the full video below to have all the rules explained to you by Huawei Santa. Good luck!


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BlackBerry Q10 price slashed to Rs. 38,990 in a limited period offer


December 2, 2013, 5:30 IST

Abhinav Mishra

BlackBerry Q10 price slashed to Rs. 38,990 in a limited period offer

BlackBerry today announced that it has slashed the price of its Q10 handset, which is now available for Rs. 38,990, under a special scheme to to boost sales of the BB10 powered device.

This scheme will be valid till January 26, is an attempt by BlackBerry to reignite interest from potential customers and QWERTY keypad loyalists, said BlackBerry.

"There are several customers in India who love the physical QWERTY experience offered by BlackBerry. At this price point, QWERTY loyalists can take advantage of the powerful BlackBerry 10 platform as well as the unique QWERTY experience that the BlackBerry Q10 offers," BlackBerry India Managing Director Sunil Lalvani said.

The Canadian manufacturer also announced similar deals on its Z10 smartphones, slashing its price by 31 percent to Rs.29,990 back in September. BlackBerry is going through a complete reshuffle with John Chen taking charge as their new CEO. It is now betting on apps, including its popular BBM messaging service to other operating systems. It has also tied up with Indian smartphone manufacturers to release BBM app on Android devices.

There is another offer for free and discounted apps for its BB10 OS devices -Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30. The price bracket of the four BB10 powered devices is between Rs.22,000 and Rs.44,000 in India.

Read our first impressions of the first BB10 QWERTY smartphone here

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Tata Docomo launches Photon Max Wi-Fi dongle


December 2, 2013, 5:06 IST

Kul Bhushan

Tata Docomo launches Photon Max Wi-Fi dongle

Tata Docomo has introduced a new Wi-Fi dongle, called the Photon Max Wi-Fi. The new Wi-Fi dongle is capable of connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. This device is powered by Qualcomm Gobi with dual processor technology, which is supposed to make multimedia experience better.

Existing customers of Tata Docomo Photon can upgrade their services to Wi-Fi by buying a new device at just Rs 1999. Moreover, there is also a device cash back offer which makes the device free of cost in 13 months. Customers can opt from a range of Wi-Fi plans, starting from Rs 650 that offers 3GB unlimited data to Rs 1500 offering 15GB of unlimited data. There's also option for
for Pay as you go.

Customers can also opt for Advance Rental Plan by paying Rs 4999 upfront and get 15GB unlimited data each month for 3 months. Post 3 months, the customer can migrate to the plan of their choice. For further information on tariffs and offers please logon to

Speaking on the launch, Mr GurinderSingh Sandhu, Head Marketing, Tata Docomo said: “Standing tall on the fundamental tenet of simplifying consumer’s life, Photon Max Wi-Fi serves up a hassle-free experience for our consumers. Customers can get high speeds on the go and create their own Wi-Fi zone connecting upto 5 users simultaneously anywhere, anytime. We firmly believe that the future of the telecom category is data and that too not just providing access but a whole new world of services riding on the data networks. For the youth, conversations do not start or end with voice but seamlessly extend to various online platforms like Facebook, Instant messaging and other Multi-media platforms and hence the future of telecom will be driven by our ability to deliver solutions that help consumers enjoy endless conversations in an affordable manner. ”

“Mr Sandhu further added that currently consumers have to juggle between multiple data plan options, technologies (3G, 2G, CDMA, etc.), operators and devices. With the launch of Photon Max Wi-Fi customers can now experience seamless, operator agnostic high speed internet access with single touch-point across multiple devices for individuals as well as home internet usage.”


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5 must have games to show off your Nexus 5’s performance


December 2, 2013, 5:05 IST

Nikhil Pradhan

5 must have games to show off your Nexus 5's performance

 So, you have the Nexus 5 with you or are waiting for the slowpokes at Google to deliver it to your doorstep. What’s next? Yes, you could go down the mundane route and use it for the regular stuff: social networking, emails, messaging and on and on and on. Or, you could get into the mood of the season and jump into next-gen gaming, but with your Nexus 5 phone instead of a PC, Xbox or Playstation.

Want your Nexus 5’s 5-inch HD IPS display to ooze graphics and the Adreno 330 GPU to scream bloody mayhem? And as a wonderful side effect, get all your iPhone-toting pals jealous while they fiddle around on a tiny screen? Then, download these five games from the Play Store immediately.

Shadowrun Returns

Price: Rs. 436

Size: 366MB

Based on the popular table-top role-playing game and a successor to a bunch of video games released over the last three decades, Shadowrun Returns is the perfect way to spend time on your Nexus 5 if you’re a fan of fantasy games with a generous helping of Fallout and Deus Ex. Shadowrun Returns excels graphically with the help of large gorgeous environments that have a lot going on in them (flickering lights, fog, rain etc.) and will definitely look amazing on the 5-inch screen.

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Price: Rs. 107

Size: 451MB

The original ‘endless-runner’, Sonic the Hedgehog has surprisingly not achieved a whole lot of fame on mobiles, which should actually be the perfect platform for him to show off his blazing speeds. That should change with All-Stars Racing, a game in which Sonic races against 12 other popular video game characters across 25 tracks in different vehicles (I know, a little pointless). The game is colourful and packed to the brim with effects and razzmatazz that will pop on your Nexus 5’s IPS display. 


Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Size: 1.3GB

One more year walks in and another FIFA game accompanies it through the door. We would have a problem with these annual iterations if they weren’t of the best quality, but they are. In fact the FIFA games have long remained the best way to get your football fix on the PC and consoles. Thankfully, EA has done a great job with FIFA on the phones too. Once you download FIFA 14 on your Nexus 5 you will notice that the phone’s hardware delivers top-notch performance and the screen is perfect to maintain absolute control over the players of your favourite team.

Sine Mora

Price: Rs. 186

Size: 291MB

Sine Mora is probably the most visually stunning game on this list. Originally released last year for the PC and consoles, the game was finally released for mobile devices this year...and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The game already looks amazing on the larger screens, so you can only imagine how beautifully it will grace your Nexus 5’s display. Plus, the game is a shoot ‘em up where you control an aircraft on a 2D plane in a 3D environment and is quite suited for touch controls.

Modern Combat 4

Price: Rs. 390

Size: 2GB

Modern Combat is not the most innovative or unique game out there, and it has in fact been ‘inspired’ by the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles. Modern Combat, like its name suggests, Modern Combat is an all-out action game in the FPS genre. The explosions and the visual flair that you’d expect from a title such as this translate really well on the Nexus 5’s display. Another surprising aspect are the game’s touch controls which also work smoothly on the Nexus 5.

Have we missed out on something? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @digitindia

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New technology lets you control a paper plane with your smartphone


December 2, 2013, 4:21 IST

Silky Malhotra

New technology lets you control a paper plane with your smartphone

Power Up 3.0, built by US designer Shai Goitein, turns your self made paper airplane into a smartphone controlled flying machine. The device comes with a small attachable propeller and rudder for speed and steering control that makes you paper plane fly faster.

The Power Up 3.0 comes with inbuilt Bluetooth smart technology that lets you control your paper airplane via your smartphone with an accompanying app. The user can tilt there phone to left or right to control the plane even at 60 yards. The app comes with a compass, controls for thrust and readouts for battery life and range. The device comes has a crash proof fiber frame and comes with precision control for easy flying. It has a Lithium Polymer battery that provides 10 minute of flight on a single charge.

To use the device users have to fold a piece of copier paper into a paper airplane and attach the Smart Module to it with the patented clips underneath the Smart Module. Users need to start the app to connect to the Smart Module with your iPhone. Then just push throttle to full and launch the paper airplane high up into the sky. Users can tilt your smartphone to the left or to the right to control your plane, to go up or down and increase or reduce throttle.

The Smart Module works with iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S for now. The designers are working towards making the app available for iOS and Android soon.


Source: Kickstarter

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Google Nexus smartphones vulnerable to flash SMS attacks


December 2, 2013, 4:11 IST

Kul Bhushan

Google Nexus smartphones vulnerable to flash SMS attacks

Google's Nexus smartphones – including the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 – are vulnerable to attacks that target the device with text messages, causing it to restart or lose the network connection. A Dutch security researcher has discovered the vulnerability, which is caused by a crafted “Class 0” text message or flash message.

Bogdan Alecu, an IT systems administrator at Dutch IT company Levi9, spotted the vulnerability and presentedc it at the DefCamp international hacking and information security conference in Bucharest, Romania.

A Class 0 or flash SMS message is immediately displayed on the recipient's screen but is not saved on the phone. The message appears above all active windows along with a semi-transparent overlay. This type of message is used for temporary or transitory messages.

The researcher points out Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 does not have audio notifications for flash messages, thus allowing attacker to pile up messages after messages on the device, and ultimately disrupting the phone's regular activities.

In the presentation to DefCamp 2013, Alecu revealed several impacts of an attack in which more than 30 messages are sent to a target device, leading to crashing of messaging application or phone reboots or Internet access collapses.

However, Alecu also disclosed about 20 different devices from various vendors have been tested, and shown immunity to this vulnerability. He claimed he had approached Google several times after discovering the bug, but mostly received automated responses.

Source: CNET

Nokia presents idea to app contest: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, reward points to be won... Come Get Yours

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Amazon Prime Air will some day deliver your packages through unmanned drones

Amazon has just announced its awesomely futuristic plans of delivering packages using unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Called Amazon Prime Air, the goal of this delivery method is to ensure the product reaches the customer in under 30 minutes.

The system is designed to deliver small packages, typically those under five pounds, which tend to form over 86 percent of the orders at Amazon. Each of these will be put inside a container and then strapped to a drone, which will fly over and deliver it to your doorstep.

As of now, this is still just an idea, aside from the few test runs made by Amazon. In order to have drones flying in the sky, Amazon needs the right regulations to be put into place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of America for unmanned aerial vehicles. Amazon believes they will be able to get this delivery method off the ground by some time in 2015.

It remains to be seen how Amazon manages to handle this operation once they get the necessary permission. It is obvious that this method of delivery will be expensive and not something you’d choose unless you want something really urgently. But I wonder if there will be a time in future where the sky will be filled with little drones carrying yellow boxes around to their designated address.


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