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Apple’s Black Friday offer goes live in Europe

Apple’s Black Friday has already gone live in Australia, where the Cupertino company is offering Apple Store Gift Cards with the purchases. However, the offers seem to vary from region as the company is offering discounts in place of gift cards in couple of other countries.

Apple’s Black Friday deals are now appearing on the UK, France, Germany and other European Apple websites. The online stores have promotional discounts on the MacBooks, Apple TV, iPads, iPods and other accessories.

Apple, on its UK website is offering the MacBooks and the iMacs with a discount of £81, while the iPod touch saves you £25. The iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad 2 are also up for grabs with a discounted price tag.

The Black Friday promotional offers in the US and Canada are also live now, but they settle for the same gift card promotions as Australia.


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Intel Extreme Masters Singapore 2013

Picture 1 

We are here in Singapore as part of the Sitex consumer electronics show for the next stop on the Intel Extreme Masters world tour. This tournament stop will feature the top professional StarCraft II and League of Legends players from South East Asia and Korea competing for cash prizes totaling $75,000. As an added bonus we are giving amateur players the opportunity to compete in a special League of Legends tournament where the amateur players have a shot at taking home $20,000 in prize money, not a bad pay day for both professionals and amateurs.

With both League of Legends and StarCraft II tournaments I’m so used to watching the professional players that I have come to expect flawless strategy and execution during matches so watching an amateur tournament was a lot of fun and brought a number of “what the heck were they thinking” moments. As with all of our tournaments we have live in-game broadcasters calling the action for the local audience as well as those watching the live video stream going out to the web. Now it was these broadcasters that added most of the entertainment value to the amateur matches. These guys are so used to announcing pro matches they were constantly being surprised by the game play and strategies, or in most cases lack of strategies. At any rate listening to them trying to keep up with the action was extremely entertaining and I’m sure a lot of fun for them as well.


As it is with every Intel Extreme Masters we have our Customer Experience Zone up and running with lots of games to play as well as the latest and greatest Intel inspired 2-in-1, All-in-One and mobile devices for our guests to experience. We also have our daily ShootMania tournament and fastest lap competition where the winners each day receive a Core i7 processor.


So far the event is getting off to a great start and we have a number of exciting things happening over the next two days so check back for the latest info. You can watch all the matches live or on demand at the Intel Extreme Masters website as well as check out photos of the event at our Intel Extreme Masters Flickr page.

Don is a Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Corporate Demos Group supporting various Intel events from executive keynotes to trades shows. His latest gig is with the Intel Extreme Masters Gaming Series where he provides general technical support as well as managing the iRacing Intel GP Series. Don’s an avid gamer, mostly first person shooters, his real passion is on-line racing with which is the closest thing to driving a real race car as you’re going get. Don is also a skier, photographer and avid motorcyclist, recently making a trek from his home in San Jose, CA to the Arctic Circle, and back.
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Get Your Hands-on Samsung Black Friday Specials

Black Friday, the fourth Friday in November after Thanksgiving, is the day to get a head-start shopping for the Christmas season in the United States. It is also probably the most competitive day for shopping …
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Pebble now available on Amazon in the US, gets a $20 Black Friday discount

The Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch, which went on to be a big hit, is now available on Amazon in the US. The watch was originally available through the website but later hit retail stores in the US. Now, you can also purchase the watch from Amazon for $148.99 in black, gray, orange, red and white.

That’s not all; Pebble is also offering a $20 discount if you order the watch from its online store, which almost covers the $25 shipping charge if you are outside the US. But the offer is only valid till today so make sure you hurry.

The smartwatch category is still in its infancy and we are yet to see its true potential but if you want to get in on the bandwagon early, the Pebble is the best you can get right. Shame it still looks a bit like a plastic toy.


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Google Maps adds embed feature, offers easy integration with blogs and websites


November 29, 2013, 2:26 IST

Silky Malhotra

Google Maps adds embed feature, offers easy integration with blogs and websites

Search giant Google has made its redesigned Google Maps embeddable in websites and Blogs. The embedded maps will function same as the full website and will remember the users past searches and display ads accordingly.

Google states that it will be soon rolling out the ads feature, based on the users past searches and interests and show them in different color. The report added that the existing embeds will still display in the old maps style. Ken Hoetmer, Product Manager, Google Maps API revealed the news via the official Google Geo Developers blog.

Hoetmer wrote, “This new on-map design will allow relevant local businesses to connect with your users, similar to the ads you currently see in the new Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile.” As part of this release, Google has also updated the Google Maps/Earth APIs Terms of Service in order to enable it to launch new APIs with advertising.

Here's how you can embed Google Maps:

- Make sure how the map you want to embed appears in the current map display

- Click on the bottom of the left panel

- Copy the HTML under 'Paste HTML to embed in website and paste it to the source code of your blog and website

Users can also customize and preview the map according to your preferred size, preview the map and once you are happy with it you can copy the HTML in the box at the bottom of the window. However users will not be able to embed Traffic maps and some other Maps features yet.

The search giant overhauled its design and launched the redesigned Google Maps in May. Initially the app was launched in beta and could do only basic searching and browsing. Since then Google has added a lot of features and easy shortcuts that it missed in beta.


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Nokia presents idea to app contest: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, reward points to be won... Come Get Yours

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Apple offering Apple Store Gift Card with purchases this Black Friday

Apple’s Black Friday deal has gone live in Australia and slowly making its way around the world wherever the Apple Online Store is available. Unlike previous years where the company offered discounts on the products themselves, this year it is offering Apple Store Gift Cards with purchases.

The denomination of the Apple Store Gift Card depends upon the product you purchase. If you buy an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you’ll get a A$150 gift card. An iPad Air will get you A$75 gift card and the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPod touch will get you A$ 50 gift card. If you buy the iPod nano, you’ll get a A$ 25 gift card. There is no gift card available with the iPhone, at least in the Australian store.

The gift card deal is also available on some of the other products and accessories, such as the Apple TV, Parrot AR.Drone, Apogee JAM Guitar Input, with the denomination ranging from A$25 – 50 for the gift card.

Apple has never been known for its Black Friday deals and most of the time they are disappointingly low compared to what you might find from other online retailers. This year there is no discount at all but at least you’d be able to start off with some good apps or games after activating your device using the gift card.


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Don’t Miss: Zero1 Awards 2013


November 29, 2013, 1:13 IST

Team Digit

Don't Miss: Zero1 Awards 2013

Stop! Don’t buy that gadget that you were planning to buy later today or this weekend. Why? Because in your hurry, you may not be buying the best performing product out there. Allow me to explain. 

As you’re aware, every year, day in day out, the Digit Test Centre puts several hundreds of products through rigorous tests, and meticulously ranks and rates them in order of merit. Why? Because we all deserve the best products, especially when picking the right one can be so darn difficult. 

And every year in the month of December, Digit tries to make that decision ridiculously simple. Because that’s when we announce our Zero1 Awards – given out only to the best performing products (within their respective categories) across everything that we’ve tested that year. This year, too, the Zero1 Awards is coming out. When? In the month of December, as usual.

Who will be crowned the champion among smartphones this year? Will it be the Apple iPhone 5S or Google Nexus 5? Between AMD and NVIDIA, which graphics card is the fastest in the world right now? Which is the best ultrabook in the market right now, and which gaming laptop pwns games better than the rest? For all these burning questions, answers are coming soon. We have just wrapped up the whole process, and can’t wait to reveal the results to you. 

After a rather hectic month of testing – not to mention blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights – the editorial team is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards 2013. These are the best products of the year and you can read all about them in the December Collector’s Edition of Digit magazine that should hit the stands in a couple of days. You can also pre-book the issue right now and get a neat 20% discount.

Nokia presents idea to app contest: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, reward points to be won... Come Get Yours

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Tech Gadgets We’re Thankful For

Technology is so ingrained in our everyday life we often take it for granted. Our favorite  gadgets are designed to simplify our lives, and they also allow us to stay …
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Happy Thanksgiving from Doki Doki Universe

Greetings from HumaNature Studios, the creators of the soon-to-be-released Doki Doki Universe. In the spirit of this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, we thought we’d share a preview of one of the stories in our upcoming game. This one is particularly relevant to the themes and spirit of Thanksgiving -- odd as this may seem, as there are no pilgrims or turkeys to be seen.
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Retina Apple iPad mini gets blasted for having outdated display tech

DisplayMate, the website which specializes in rating and comparing display tech of mobile devices and laptops, has sharply criticized Apple’s iPad mini 2 in its latest shootout, pitting it against the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and Google Nexus 7.

The biggest criticisms come in regards to the color gamut and accuracy. The Retina screen of the new mini is way off what the iPad 3, 4 and Air have been offering so far in this respect.

The problem boils down to Apple’s use of outdated IGZO display technology in the Retina mini’s panels. IGZO, which was a relatively new display tech a few years ago, has since been replaced by LTPS – which Apple uses for its iPhones. Apple has also reportedly suffered from low yield rates for IGZO, and have resorted to making Retina mini’s with a-Si displays as well. a-Si has much lower power efficiency than IGZO, which Apple has been able to compensate for by using higher performance White LEDs, which roughly equalizes the power requirements of the two display technologies.

But perhaps the more pressing question is why Apple, renown for its high quality hardware, would choose to ship one of its hottest products with inferior display tech?

Rumors of potential shortages in Apple’s supply chain have been circulating since even before the iPad mini 2′s announcement, and earlier this month we reported alleged talks Cupertino was having with arch-rival Samsung to fulfill an order of some 15 million Retina mini panels.

Back then, it was reported that Apple could either go through the cost-prohibitive process of upgrading their panels to the LTPS substrate, or turn to Samsung to produce the required amount of panels by early next year, since their other suppliers – Sharp and LG – would not be able to get a high enough production yield.

It seems that for the time being Apple has solved the production problem with the help of a-Si panels, but has opened the door to criticism and potential hardware issues in the future.

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PlayStation Plus: December Preview

You can hop into Borderlands 2 for free later this month on PS3, and this game absolutely shines with co-op, so be sure to bring some buddies along with you while you blast away all the skags on Pandora. You can build out your vault hunter how you like – focus on damage or get some support skills to aid yourself & your friends.