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Android tablet revenue temporarily inches ahead of iPad

Android pretty much rules smartphones in terms of market share, but Apple held a firm grasp on tablets. In the third quarter this year things changed though and Android tablets surpassed iPads in revenue for the first time ever.

According to an analyst from Morgan Stanley, Android-powered tablets raked in 46.2% of the revenue, while iPads took 45.6% home.

In terms of units, Android tablets grabbed two third of the market in Q3, up from 58.5% a year ago, driven by Samsung and Lenovo. Apple’s iPads accounted for 29.7% of the market, a sizable drop from 40.2% a year ago, according to IDC.

This lull will probably last only a little while though, since Apple had no new tablets to show in Q3, the new iPad Air and iPad mini 2 have only recently hit the shelves. IDC expects iPad shipments to bounce back, analysts from KGI expect Apple to move 23 million iPads in the next quarter.

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Latest Technology

Solar in California and Arizona: More of a good thing

You’d think the thrill might wear off this whole renewable energy investing thing after a while. Nope—we’re still as into it as ever, which is why we’re so pleased to announce our 14th investment: We’re partnering with global investment firm KKR to invest in six utility-scale solar facilities in California and Arizona. Developed by leading solar developer Recurrent Energy, the projects have a combined capacity of 106MW and will generate enough electricity to power over 17,000 U.S. homes. Google will make an approximately $80 million investment into these facilities.

The 17.5 MWac/22 MWp Victor Phelan project (pictured), located in San Bernardino, Calif., is part of six Recurrent Energy developed projects acquired by Google and KKR. The six-project portfolio is expected to operational by early 2014 and will generate enough clean electricity to power more than 17,000 U.S. homes.

This investment is similar to one we made back in 2011, when we teamed up with KKR and invested $94 million in four solar facilities developed by Recurrent. Those facilities have since started generating electricity, and we’ve committed hundreds of millions more—more than $1 billion in total—to renewable energy projects around the world.

These investments are all part of our drive toward a clean energy future—where renewable energy is abundant, accessible and affordable. By continuing to invest in renewable energy projects, purchasing clean energy for our operations and working with our utility partners to create new options for ourselves and for other companies interest in buying renewable energy, we’re working hard to make that future a reality.

Posted by Kojo Ako-Asare, Head of Corporate Finance

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PlayStation 4 early adopters reporting bricked consoles

IGN is reporting that several publications and end users who received the next-generation PlayStation 4 console ahead of its launch in the US on Friday, via special contest or promotions, have received consoles that were either bricked when they arrived, or soon developed a fault that stopped them from displaying correctly.

In many cases, the issue was identified as a faulty HDMI jack, and Sony will replace the units under the standard  twelve-month warranty. The issue is not too worrying, but it does set a bad trend ahead of the launch, with the units in question likely being the first units in the full-fledged retail wave. Sony has reportedly been quite helpful to the major media houses that reported their consoles' displays were broken, replacing the units shortly.

However, few regular users who struck gold are apparently not being treated too well, as in some cases, Sony's replacement units would only arrive by launch day, negating the benefits of winning a contest that gave them early access to the PS4.  In another case, IGN reported Arogon (Reddit name), who also received a bricked console, followed up persistently with Sony's support service, and because of his non-central location in Maryland, was not helped as actively by the company, which said it would take 5-6 days for a replacement unit to arrive.

IGN does admit that early runs of console hardware do often experience minor issues, with the myriad interactions between "hardware, software and user behaviour" resulting in some use scenarios that were not adequately tested for, with only the gauntlet of actual full-scale public adoption serving to help the manufacturer remove all bugs.  

Early US adopters who are experiencing trouble are encouraged to contact Sony support at 1-800-345-SONY.

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Latest Technology

Government requests for user information double over three years

In a year in which government surveillance has dominated the headlines, today we’re updating our Transparency Report for the eighth time. Since we began sharing these figures with you in 2010, requests from governments for user information have increased by more than 100 percent. This comes as usage of our services continues to grow, but also as more governments have made requests than ever before. And these numbers only include the requests we’re allowed to publish.
Over the past three years, we’ve continued to add more details to the report, and we’re doing so again today. We’re including additional information about legal process for U.S. criminal requests: breaking out emergency disclosures, wiretap orders, pen register orders and other court orders.

We want to go even further. We believe it’s your right to know what kinds of requests and how many each government is making of us and other companies. However, the U.S. Department of Justice contends that U.S. law does not allow us to share information about some national security requests that we might receive. Specifically, the U.S. government argues that we cannot share information about the requests we receive (if any) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But you deserve to know.

Earlier this year, we brought a federal case to assert that we do indeed have the right to shine more light on the FISA process. In addition, we recently wrote a letter of support (PDF) for two pieces of legislation currently proposed in the U.S. Congress. And we’re asking governments around the world to uphold international legal agreements that respect the laws of different countries and guarantee standards for due process are met.

Our promise to you is to continue to make this report robust, to defend your information from overly broad government requests, and to push for greater transparency around the world.

Posted by Richard Salgado, Legal Director, Law Enforcement and Information Security

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Angry Birds maker Rovio says no plays for an IPO in the near future

Rovio, the Finnish company behind the game and toy phenomenon Angry Birds, is not planning an initial public offering any time soon as it concentrates on managing its fast growth, a senior executive said.

After a global breakthrough of its smartphone game in which players use a slingshot to attack pigs who steal the birds' eggs, Rovio said a few years ago that it could go public by 2013, either in Hong Kong or New York.

However, Rovio's marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka told Reuters the company was in no hurry to raise cash.

"We don't have any news on this front," Vesterbacka, wearing a red Angry Birds hoodie, told Reuters in the sidelines of a Helsinki startup conference Slush.

"The most important thing is to sort out how to scale our business as fast as possible, and grab all the markets that are available to us."

Rovio has in recent years expanded the Angry Birds brand into an animated TV series and merchandising of toys and clothing. The company has also been involved in promoting Finland's early childhood education system in China.

Last year, Rovio's revenue doubled to 152 million euros, and operating profit grew 64 percent to 77 million euros.

Vesterbacka said as many as 94 percent of Chinese people know the colourful Angry Birds brand while the ratio in the United States is also over 90 percent, but he said there was still room for growth.

Rovio is about to launch a new Angry Birds car game in December. Its other plans include an animated 3D film.

"We are not building this for 100 days but for 100 years, so this is only the very beginning. Next year we will be doing bigger things than this year."

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[Infographic] Historical past of Wearable Units

What would Dick Tracy say about the Galaxy Gear? No one knows, but we are pretty sure he would’ve enjoyed the Super AMOLED touch screen… and apps!   The introduction of the Galaxy Gear was …
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Global Impact Award to improve veterans’ higher education

When veterans return home, a college degree is often a great next step for a successful transition to civilian life. But college can be a tough place for veterans, especially when they’re juggling classes with personal, family and financial pressures. Unfortunately there’s very little data about what can help veterans thrive in school. We want to change that.

Today, we’re granting a $3.2 million Global Impact Award to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Student Veterans of America, the Posse Foundation and Veterans of Foreign Wars to support data analysis of U.S. veterans’ higher education. The study will be made public and answer critical questions:

  • Which colleges are most successful at supporting veterans through to graduation day?
  • What on-campus programs have the biggest impact?
  • How do veterans’ education majors stack up against employment opportunities?

Based on the report, we’ll fund the expansion of the veterans’ programs found to be most effective—whether it’s on-campus child care, access to dedicated mental health services or physical gathering spaces—and will also provide Googler support to make this project a reality.

This award builds on our work to train and mentor student veterans through the Google Veterans Network. We’re proud to serve those who’ve served.

Posted by Jacquelline Fuller, Director, Google Giving

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Beat allergens, use LG TrueSteam™ this Autumn

Hayfever season may be over, but beware of indoor allergens creeping up on you as you spend more time indoors this Autumn…

This week is Indoor Allergy Awareness Week (11th – 17th November 2013), and it’s surprising how much you can do to bat away nasty allergens with a few simple tips.


- 60 degrees is the required temperature to destroy the House Dust Mite – all LG washing machines have the facility to wash at this temperature, and further to this a selection of our laundry appliances can introduce steam into the cycle. Steam can get into your fabrics much easier than water, with it being made up of such minuscule particles, eradicating 99.98% of indoor allergens such as dust mites and pet hair.

- Give your empty machine a spin at a high temperature every month to remove any mould spores and detergent residue. Many LG laundry appliances have a function called ‘Tub Clean’ so it’s never been easier!

- After use, dry the detergent drawer, glass door and rubber seal to prevent any mould from forming and going into your machine.

- Wash your curtains every 3 months – these are a haven for dust mites (the heavier they are the cosier they are for bugs!) and hayfever allergens (which can still be present for up to 3 months after hayfever season).

- For co-habiting allergy sufferers and pets, refrain from letting cats and dogs on the sofa (as cuddly as they may appear), and wash pet bedding at a temperature of at least 60 degrees (ideally with an injection of TrueSteam™).

- Wash sofa covers regularly, if you’re replacing a sofa, leather is much less susceptible to retaining allergens and nestling House Dust Mites.

- Do not put damp clothes away in the wardrobe after washing.

- Vacuum your floors and rugs daily. For ultra convenience, a robotic vacuum cleaner such as LG’s HOM-BOT Square can be scheduled to give your floors a clean at a certain time every day. NB the extended brushes and square shape of the HOM-BOT Square ensure it can reach into corners effectively.

- Soft toys should be washed with non-bio washing detergent, or detergent suitable for sensitive skin, at over 56 degrees. Should a lower temperature be needed, put the toy in a freezer overnight before washing to kill off bacteria.

- Clean out your fridge freezer regularly, paying particular attention to corners. Don’t forget the seal and gasket which are a hotspot for bacteria to congregate, and can distort and stain. LG refrigeration products are equipped with BioShield, an anti-microbial agent to prevent mould growth.

Take a look at the interactive allergy home on Allergy UK’s website for further information and tips on busting the bugs!

LG’s TrueSteam™ Washing Machines, and our RC9042AQ3Z Tumble Dryer are proven to remove more common household allergens than conventional machines, as endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

This weekend, LG are performing a Steam Demonstration Day at Gillman’s, our original appliance Shop-in-Shop. From 10am until 4pm our team will be on hand to show you the power of steam, how to use it and the benefits it can provide you with in your wash appliances.

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