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Canon supports relief efforts in Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan

November 12, 2013
Canon Inc.

TOKYO, November 12, 2013—On November 8, Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, struck the central Philippines, causing massive damage and loss of life.

We at Canon extend our heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this catastrophe and our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. Although the road to recovery will be challenging and take time, we hope that the region will soon be able to begin the rebuilding and healing process.

The Canon Group is aiding in the relief efforts for victims of the typhoon with a donation totaling 10 million yen (approximately US$102,000). The company is currently considering to which humanitarian aid organization the donation will be made.


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Honoring those who serve this Veterans Day

Posted by Ben Budde, Google Apps for Business Sales Manager, former Marine

Like a lot of veterans, my decision to serve was inspired in part by my family. In my case, it was my grandmother.

I grew up in California, and after graduating high school, my grandmother took me on a trip to Kenya to see a different world (she was a very cool grandma). We landed in Nairobi on August 7th, 1998 — the same day the U.S. Embassy was bombed. We felt compelled to go to the site and try to help. Later, we learned that more than 200 people had died and thousands were injured from the attack. I felt terrible for those impacted, but I was also inspired by what I saw: in the midst of the destruction and shock, the Marines established control over the situation. They acted with assurance and purpose. That’s when I knew I needed to be a Marine.

I went to the University of Colorado, Boulder on a ROTC scholarship and joined the Marine Corps the day I graduated. I deployed twice to Iraq, where I served with some of the bravest men and women. Then, 9 years after the day I knew I wanted to be a Marine, I returned home. I did what many vets do when they return to civilian life — I wrote out my resume and went on a job search. There were a lot of great companies looking to hire veterans, but I was drawn straight to Google, because I saw they had an inspiring mission and the same strong sense of purpose that we had in the military. That direction appealed to a Marine like me. I started as a temp in fraud protection and now manage a sales team focused on driving adoption of Google Apps for Business.

According to the latest Census data, veterans run 3.7M businesses in the U.S. and are 45% more likely to start a business than the average American. The numbers speak for themselves, but personally, I think vets are such successful entrepreneurs because they value teamwork, demonstrate leadership and have a high tolerance for stress.

I also believe Google Apps is a critical tool for veterans (or anyone) starting or running a business, because it lets them focus on their ideas and their companies, rather than worrying about the technology behind it all. One of my favorite parts of the job is getting the chance to talk to veterans about launching their businesses with Google tools, like I did at a Google for Entrepreneurs workshop for veterans last summer.

This week, we’re highlighting a handful of veteran owned businesses that use Apps to communicate and collaborate with partners all over the world. These are just a small sampling of the interesting and innovative veteran owned businesses out there, with more starting each day.

Finally, for those that serve, for veterans and their families who have answered the call of duty and know it as a way of life, I am forever indebted to you and I salute you on this Veterans Day.
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RuckPack turns an idea on deployment into a business at home with Google Apps

Posted by Rob Dyer, Marine Corps Aviation Officer and Founder and CEO of RuckPack

Editor's note: This Veterans Day, we’re celebrating our veterans' contributions and successes as entrepreneurs, by highlighting a handful of the 3.7 million businesses run by veterans in the U.S. Today, we hear from Rob Dyer, active duty Marine Corps Aviation Officer and Founder and CEO of RuckPack, a peak performance nutrition shot.

The idea for RuckPack was born while I was deployed to Afghanistan with Marine Special Operations Command. While at camp we’d talk about how great it would be to start a company together when we got home — we could keep the gang together and hire other veterans to build up the team. We even came up with a business idea: a nutrition shot with all the vitamins and minerals to keep guys in our position healthy and focused through the long, tough missions. And before we knew it, we had the early makings of RuckPack.

We tried to get the company up and running when we got back from Afghanistan, but it was hard with everyone spread out all over the country. I told a Marine buddy of mine about the business plan and some of the challenges I was facing. He told me the first step to getting the company off the ground was to start using Google Apps for Business. The majority of our team is still on active duty, myself included, but wherever we are, we're able to stay connected using Google Apps. That's helped us release two flavors of our nutrition shot that are being sold at stores and shipped to soldiers abroad.

Google Apps is the technological backbone to RuckPack — it’s what keeps our 12-person, multi-million dollar virtual operation running without an office. Hangouts keep us connected, whether it’s a conversation about a website change or a celebration of a big sale with a retail distributor. After spending day and night with these guys in the military, seeing their faces on a Hangout makes it feel like we’ve still got the gang together.

Google Docs and Drive help us keep track of and centralize our business plans and documents. Any time we get on a call with an investor, think of a topic for a blog post, or request content changes to the website, we open a Doc and share it with the appropriate people. That way, we can all keep tabs on our work, whether we’re checking in from Japan, where one of our teammates is stationed, or from Annapolis, where I live and teach at the Naval Academy.

Today, we launched our Veteran Distributor Program (VDP), which allows any U.S. veteran to join our sales force and receive a commission on any RuckPack product they sell. Our team knew from the start that we wanted to help fellow veterans; this was our way of expanding it beyond the core team. The concept of the VDP was launched and refined in a Google Doc, with each person on the team contributing with additions and comments along the way. We don’t have to be in a room together to get a great idea off the ground. We just needed a shared Google doc.

There's nothing like the bond I felt with the guys I was deployed with. There was a sense of team and trust among us that we all missed when we got back home. What's great about RuckPack is that we’ve been able to revive that same bond and camaraderie. Google Apps has helped us keep that sense of working towards a common goal — only now that goal is building a great business that helps the guys still out there serving our country.

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The GALAXY eleven: Section One

Circa 2012, we witnessed the epic battle of ‘the Avengers’ against Loki and his army over the fate of this planet in the movie ‘The Avengers’. However, if you think that could only happen in …
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A preview of the LG 2013 Kitchen

November 10th, 2013 by LG Blog UK

The new products of 2013, including the super stylish American Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer, the UK’s largest capacity Washer Dryer and the ever-so-efficient A+++ TrueSteam™ Dishwasher are currently starring in their very own product videos. To make sure you get the chance to see them all within a kitchen setting before you buy, and explain all the features and benefits LG have packed in to each product, we’re creating filmed content so you can watch them online from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a peek at the kitchen we’ve been lusting over for the past few weeks, complete with a suite of LG’s home appliances…LG Kitchen Film Set

LG Kitchen Film SetThe kitchen uses a vintage green paint, paired with off-green, gloss cabinetry. We’ve gone for the modern streamlined effect, without handles on the cupboard doors for a tidy finish which looks great with our new American Style Fridge using a horizontal opening handle-free design, or equally as cool with our new premium steel combi fridge freezer. The separate laundry area (we love these tiles used above the worktop for a natural feel) allows clothing to be kept away from food preparation while being on-hand for manoeuvring between chores and an open plan living space ensures our ‘super’ mum can keep an eye on her little ones at all times too (good job our appliances all have a quiet operation so they don’t disturb family time)!

LG Kitchen Film Set

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