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New Sony Xperia Z1S leak talks Q1 2014 launch, price

The Sony Xperia Z1S leak-fest continues with some new shots and info coming from China. The diminutive flagship is shown running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (14.2.A.0.205 firmware), which is presumably the software it will launch with.

Speaking of launch, according to the new info the phone will launch in the first quarter of next year (could be announced as soon as today) and will cost CNY 3,600 in China which translates to $590 / €440. For comparison, the full-sized Xperia Z1 costs CNY 3,820 ($630).

Sony Xperia Z1S • Z1S standing next to its big bro

Anyway, the price and launch target are unconfirmed, but aside from the smaller screen (4.3" 720p vs. 5" 1080p) and a smaller battery (2,300mAh vs. 3,000mAh), the Sony Xperia Z1S will have the same hardware as the big Z1. That includes the powerful Snapdragon 800 chipset, 20MP camera with Sony G Lens (which you can see in the photo) and the IP58 water-resistance certification.

By the way, those aren’t the first shots of the two Xperia Z1s together.

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Google Play store update brings Designed for Tablets to default

Android is the undisputed leader in smartphones but has seen criticism when it comes to tablets as many of the apps for those are nothing more than a blown up phone versions.

With its new update to the Play store Google tries to remedy that somewhat by making the Designed for Tablets view the default one – it lists apps that should be tablet-optimized.

Upon a closer inspection some apps that fall into the category of tablet-designed don’t really look the part. For instance Facebook, which has some optimizations for the user interface on iPads (always on top side view of online friends) remains pretty much the same on Android slates as you would find it on droid smartphones – with slide-in menu and friend list on either side and nothing on top of the news feed.

That doesn’t apply to all apps, of course – Viber developers for example have done their homework and implemented a split-screen view. It’s important to note that tablet optimization for apps begins with the developer and not Google.

If for some reason you don’t want to see the Designed for Tablets category you can always change it to Designed for phones.

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Xbox One gets an iFixit teardown

Serial opener of things iFixit is at it again with its screwdrivers and pryers, this time making the brand new Xbox One the victim of their tools. iFixit managed to get their hands on an Xbox One as soon as possible by flying to New Zealand where it launched before anywhere else to do this teardown.

The Xbox One teardown reveal some interesting things. First of all, the Xbox One is an enormous black box due to the rather poor utilization of space on the inside. Whereas Sony decided to make use of every inch on the inside, Microsoft went for a more spaced out design.

The upside to this is that the Xbox One probably won’t be having any overheating issues like the Xbox 360. Not only are the insides spacious and airy, Microsoft has installed a massive fan that looks like the sort they use in movies to simulate hurricanes. The spacious design also makes it easy to repair and it’s all modular inside with parts that can be disconnected by simply unplugging them from the motherboard.

The Xbox One was found using a standard 2.5-inch, 5,400-rpm Samsung hard drive. Unlike Sony, Microsoft does not offer the option of user replaceable hard drives even though you can technically swap the hard drive yourself if you open the console. Unfortunately, iFixit was unable to confirm whether the console will just accept another hard drive if you plug it in and that is something that remains to be seen.

Few additional discoveries were made. The Xbox One has a speaker inside whose purpose is not yet known. The Wi-Fi module supports 802.11ac, even though Microsoft only lists support up to 802.11n. Perhaps the ac functionality will be unlocked in future through a firmware update, the way Apple did on the MacBooks a few years back.

The boring PC like design has helped the Xbox One get a very high repairability score on iFixit, although the PS4 managed to get the same score despite having a much more attractive on the inside. Then again, neither of these things matter a lot to customers as most of them will never bother opening up their consoles.

You can read the teardowns for both the consoles from their respective links below.

Xbox OnePlayStation 4

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Samsung to pay Apple additional $290 million

Apple and Samsung's legal skirmish has reached another milestone, where the latter has now been asked to pay $290 million to Apple for infringing on patents. As you may already know the court found Samsung guilty of infringing upon Apple's patents on...
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Dropbox is the latest popular app to get the iOS 7 look

Dropbox for iOS received a major update. The popular file sharing app now features a flat look in line with the iOS 7 user interface. Alongside the new design, version 3.0 of the app brings several new features to the table. It now supports AirDrop, ...

Xbox One launched, New Zealander becomes first person to own one

A New Zealander become the first person in the world to officially own an Xbox One Friday, saying he was immediately retreating to his lounge for five days to play the console. International time zones meant New Zealand was the first country to launch ...
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iPads With Instant Replays Transforming the NBA

In a new video, reports that Apple has teamed up with Sportstec, a software program that provides quick edits of basketball game footage on an iOS device. The program lets players and coaches, who are provided with iPads, look at footage during a game or during halftime and make adjustments. “You can literally break down every single possession, who shot the ball, where on the floor, what was the result of the play,” says Sportstec vice president Anwar McQueen. Sportstec, whose program works exclusively on iOS devices, partners with 28 of the 30 NBA teams as well as many NCAA teams and the Olympic basketball teams.
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First to Greatness: 64 PS4 Challenges to Test Your Mettle

PS4’s North American launch heralds the dawn of a new gaming generation, and today we’re upping the ante with an interactive event called First to Greatness. Using DualShock 4’s Share button, you’ll capture and upload videos of your conquests across 64 challenges detailed on the First to Greatness site (see the full list here). The challenges are spread across a who’s who of PS4 launch titles.
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Six In a Row: GPU-Powered System Again Wins Student Supercomputing Competition

TexasPeekFor the sixth consecutive time, a system powered by GPUs captured the top-spot overall in the Supercomputing conference’s Student Cluster competition. With longhorn hand-signs and smiles flashing, an 11-person team from the University of Texas, at Austin, claimed the award before a crowd of more than 500 at the end of three-day show in Denver.… Read More
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Twitch on PS4: 7 Tips for New Broadcasters

It’s been less than a week since PS4 launched with Twitch broadcasting functionality, and the feedback we’ve been getting from new broadcasters has been phenomenal! To help new streamers ease into the Twitch community - which is already 45 million members strong - here are some tips for first-time broadcasters.
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Making it easier to bring Hangouts to work

Posted by: Ronald Ho, Product Manager, Google Apps for Business

Whether your organization has two people or 200,000, it should be easy to communicate and get stuff done together. In May, Hangouts launched as a unified way for people to communicate by voice, video or text across devices. Following the introduction of the new look full-screen video chat last month, today we're rolling out some new Hangouts features specifically for Google Apps customers.
With the addition of support for the Global Address List, it'll now be easier to quickly find and chat with your colleagues. The conversations you've recently had will still sit at the top of your Hangouts list, but start typing the name of anybody in your organization and auto-complete will help you find who you’re looking for.

New settings also give admins the ability to customize which Hangouts features are available to which employees. Admins can now choose to limit Hangout chat messages to being internal-only, set chat history to off by default and decide whether users within the domain can contact each other without sending or accepting formal invitations first. Video and audio chat can also be turned off across the organization.

Finally, the Google Apps support team will now provide the same level of help for Hangouts as they do for Google Talk, including 24/7 phone support.

Learn how to enable the new Hangouts experience.