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Download : XnView v2.10

XnView is freeware software that allows you to view and convert graphic files. It's very fast and easy to use. But more importantly it supports more than 400 graphics formats!
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VidZone Update: JT, Linkin Park, Future Kick off the Holiday Season on VidZone!

VidZone is gearing up for the Holiday Season, but before we jump right into the holiday spirit we have some great music treats for you! We have awarded Justin Timberlake the coveted Artist of the Week title and we are showcasing Linkin Park’s latest remix venture. There is yet ANOTHER Miley Cyrus collaboration and a fiery new release from the Avenged Sevenfold camp.
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Check off your holiday gift list with Google Shopping

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and if you’re like us, you still have loads of stuff to buy on your expanding holiday gift list. If you can’t imagine braving the crowds to get everything picked and purchased, don’t worry: our elves have made some improvements to Google Shopping in time for the holidays.

Find the hottest toys and get inspired with our holiday shortlists
We’ve curated holiday shortlists for top gift categories including Hot Toys, Electronics, Google & Android Gadgets, Gifts for the Home, Gifts for Her and Gifts for Him. For those of you looking for something to delight the kids in your life, here are some of the top trending toy searches on Google Shopping this month:

And for those of us wanting to relive our childhoods, we’re also seeing many nostalgic toys making a comeback this year:
Browse more quickly and easily
A new shopping experience on desktop, tablet and mobile makes it easier than ever to browse and hone in on items you want to buy, whether it’s a camera, a ski jacket or an ice cream maker. Click on a product to preview details like sizes, colors and description, and find out if it’s available at a nearby local store. If you see an item that’s almost perfect but not quite, click to view “visually similar” items.

Make your shortlist and check it twice
Shortlists help you keep track of products that catch your eye, compare them at a glance, and share ideas with friends and family. Your shortlist now also stays with you at the top of each page while you browse Google Shopping, so you can keep track of items as you go.

Check out the product from all angles
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what an item actually looks like from the online picture. Now, for many items on Google Shopping, you can see a 360° view of the products. These interactive images bring you the in-store feeling of holding and touching a product.
Once you’ve got something for everyone on your shopping list, we encourage you to buy something for yourself. You’ve earned it.

Posted by Karen Corby, Senior Product Manager, Google Shopping

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Download : Camfrog Video Chat 6.6.320

Camfrog Video Chat is a modern chat client that allows real time video, audio and text chats with up to thousands of participants. The tool enables seeing, speaking and writing to other chat room members simultaneously. Not all video chats require yo...
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How Can I Check the Age of My Windows Installation?

Curious about when you installed Windows and how long you’ve been chugging along without a system refresh? Read on as we show you a simple way to see how long-in-the-tooth your Windows installation is.

Dear How-To Geek,

It feels like it has been forever since I installed Windows 7 and I’m starting to wonder if some of the performance issues I’m experiencing have something to do with how long ago it was installed. It isn’t crashing or anything horrible, mind you, it just feels slower than it used to and I’m wondering if I should reinstall it to wipe the slate clean. Is there a simple way to determine the original installation date of Windows on its host machine?


Worried in Windows

Although you only intended to ask one question, you actually asked two. Your direct question is an easy one to answer (how to check the Windows installation date). The indirect question is, however, a little trickier (if you need to reinstall Windows to get a performance boost). Let’s start off with the easy one: how to check your installation date.

Windows includes a handy little application just for the purposes of pulling up system information like the installation date, among other things. Open the Start Menu and type cmd in the run box (or, alternatively, press WinKey+R to pull up the run dialog and enter the same command).

At the command prompt, type systeminfo.exe

[Editor's note: Helpful reader mjso74 pointed out in the comments section, that a more efficient command to use would be systeminfo | find /i "install date" as it returns only one line with the exact information we're looking for. Thanks, mjso74!]

Give the application a moment to run; it takes around 15-20 seconds to gather all the data. You’ll most likely need to scroll back up in the console window to find the section at the top that lists operating system stats. What you care about is Original Install Date:

We’ve been running the machine we tested the command on since August 23 2009. For the curious, that’s one month and a day after the initial public release of Windows 7 (after we were done playing with early test releases and spent a month mucking around in the guts of Windows 7 to report on features and flaws, we ran a new clean installation and kept on trucking).

Now, you might be asking yourself: Why haven’t they reinstalled Windows in all that time? Haven’t things slowed down? Haven’t they upgraded hardware? The truth of the matter is, in most cases there’s no need to completely wipe your computer and start from scratch to resolve issues with Windows and, if you don’t bog your system down with unnecessary and poorly written software, things keep humming along. In fact, we even migrated this machine from a traditional mechanical hard drive to a newer solid-state drive back in 2011.

Even though we’ve tested piles of software since then, the machine is still rather clean because 99% of that testing happened in a virtual machine. That’s not just a trick for technology bloggers, either, virtualizing is a handy trick for anyone who wants to run a rock solid base OS and avoid the bog-down-and-then-refresh cycle that can plague a heavily used machine.

So while it might be the case that you’ve been running Windows 7 for years and heavy software installation and use has bogged your system down to the point a refresh is in order, we’d strongly suggest reading over the following How-To Geek guides to see if you can’t wrangle the machine into shape without a total wipe (and, if you can’t, at least you’ll be in a better position to keep the refreshed machine light and zippy):

Armed with a little knowledge, you too can keep a computer humming along until the next iteration of Windows comes along (and beyond) without the hassle of reinstalling Windows and all your apps.




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Black Friday: LG G2 $50, S4 mini free from Sprint on-contract

The LG G2 will be available from Sprint for $49.99 on-contract, while the more compact version of Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S4 mini, can be had for free this coming Black Friday weekend. The S4 mini offer reflects a $50 mail-in rebate, whi...
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Waze hits Windows Phone as the Store reaches 190,000 apps

Following the launch of the popular photo sharing app Instagram for Windows Phone, popular traffic and navigation app Waze has gone out of closed beta and is now available for download from the platform’s app store.

Waze, which was acquired by Google, brings crowd-sourced real-time information for road conditions, shortcuts, traffic jams and gas prices. If you want to try out Waze on your Windows Phone, follow the source link to download the app for free.

Meanwhile, the Windows Phone Store itself has some good news of its own. The app marketplace has surpassed the190,000 apps milestone. Daily, an average of 500 new apps are added. So far, the Windows Phone Store has accumulated 3 billion downloads with currently daily downloads now exceeding 10 million. Monthly revenue from paid apps is also up to 181% over last year, when Windows Phone 8 was released. The app downloads since then has also increased by a staggering 290%.

Source | ViaVia (2)

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Adobe promo drops Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 subscription to $9.99/mo

Adobe switched to a subscription model for tis Creative Suite earlier this year, renaming it Creative Cloud. It was pricy – up to $50 a month for the whole suite. Now there’s a promotion that will allow you to pay only $10 a month for Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5, Behance ProSite and 20GB of cloud storage over the next year.

Previously, the $10 a month deal was only available for people who owned Photoshop CS3.

Anyway, the price per month differs by region – $10 in the US, €12.30 in Europe, £8.80 in the UK, you can check the price in your currency here.

The deal expires on December 2, so if you were going to pay for Creative Cloud anyway or the previous price was too steep, you might want to hurry.

Source | Via

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Download : Opera 18.0.1284.49

A full-featured Internet browser, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different n...
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Apple iPad mini 2 LTE version experiencing shipping delays

Apple had problems launching the iPad mini 2, but after the tablet went on sale on November 12 you might have thought that the problems have been resolved. Maybe they haven't, at least not fully.

The Cellular version of the Apple iPad mini 2 is on backorder on all the major US carriers. Verizon's shipping date slipped from November 25 to December 2, Sprint is saying the tablet will ship in up to 2 weeks, AT&T will take 3-4 weeks to ship, while T-Mobile might not manage before Christmas with 6-8 week shipping delay.

Surprisingly, Apple's web site still lists the original 5-10 business days for shipping it did when the iPad mini 2 launched. Availability for store pickup is very limited at the moment.

Things over in Europe are a mixed bag – T-Mobile Germany will ship the iPad mini 2 with Cellular in 2-3 weeks, while Three UK says it has it in stock and will ship it instantly.


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Nokia Lumia 1520 UK pricing detailed

The Nokia Lumia 1520 has already went on sale in France and the device will soon be available in the United Kingdom. The 6-inch phablet from Nokia has been listed in UK's Carphone Warehouse website letting us know more on its UK pricing.

Nokia Lumia 1520 will be available on Vodafone network for free of cost with a £38/month two-year contract, which also brings unlimited calling, unlimited texts and 2 GB of data.

Caprphone Warehouse is also offering a free experience day worth up to £100 for all the consumers who purchase Lumia 1520 with a two year agreement. The pre-orders are expected to ship on December 6. You can head to the source link below to know more about the deal.

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Xbox One takes on PS4 with Friday launch in the battle for the living room

Microsoft on Friday releases its Xbox One game console, taking on Sony's PlayStation 4 in a battle for the hearts and minds of Internet-era home entertainment.

Sony last week unleashed its new champion in the long-running console war, getting a slight jump on Microsoft heading into the prime holiday shopping season.

(Also see: Microsoft unveils Xbox One gaming console with live TV and sports integration)

The Xbox One (Review), successor to the Xbox 360, the top-selling console in North America, will debut at a price of $500 while Sony's PS4 is priced at $400.

(Also see: PS4 priced $100 cheaper than Xbox One)

Sony said it sold more than a million PS4 consoles in the 24 hours after its release on November 15, but the debut was marred by complaints by a small percentage of buyers of units malfunctioning.

(Also see: PlayStation 4 sales top 1 million units in first 24 hours: Sony)

Analysts said that it remained to be seen which of the new-generation consoles will prove more popular, noting that the lower price plays in favor of the PS4.

"If history has anything to say about it, core gamers tend to favor Sony," said Brian Blau, research director at analyst firm Gartner.

"There is nothing I've seen to say that one platform is going to have an advantage over the other."

Both consoles boast upgrades which provide richer graphics and more immersive game play than their predecessors. Social features of online play have also been enhanced, along with the ability to share with friends.

Microsoft touts the Xbox One console as a home entertainment hub that goes far beyond games.

The beefed-up hardware allows for instant switching between games, television, and Internet browsing. Microsoft-owned Skype was integrated for online group video calls.

Kinect motion and sound sensing accessories accompanying the consoles recognize users; respond instantly to commands spoken in natural language, and even detect a person's pulse.

"This is the beginning of a new generation of games and entertainment and a new generation of smart TV," Microsoft entertainment unit executive Yusuf Mehdi said when Xbox One was unveiled.

Mehdi maintained that a strong selling point is that Kinect devices, which were sold as Xbox 360 accessories, will be included with Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft has put its hardware and software mastery to effective use, bringing game controllers, tablets, smartphones, voice, and gesture together in the Xbox One.

In a move that might irk gamers, neither Xbox One or PS4 are compatible with titles designed for play on earlier versions of consoles.

Mehdi was not worried about the booming popularity of play on smartphones and tablet computers, saying it has increased the appetite for interactive entertainment in what has grown to a $93 billion industry, including sales of software and hardware for consoles, PCs and handheld devices.

Research firm Gartner forecast that the console segment of the video game market will grow from $44 billion this year to $49 billion, while that of mobile games will climb from about $13 billion to $17 billion.

(Also see: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 battle raises hopes of gaming industry revival)

"Microsoft and Sony have greatly improved products," Blau said.

"The key for them is getting developers to build compelling games and applications that take advantage of all the wonderful resources that come in those boxes."

Microsoft and Sony both worked hard with blockbuster game makers to have titles ready to hit the market along with the new consoles.

While much is made of rivalry between Microsoft and Sony the evolution of consoles into digital home entertainment systems means competition from devices such as Roku boxes or even Google's inexpensive Chromecast gadget for easily streaming Internet content to television screens.

"The real competition for both console makers may be (TV box) Roku and Chromecast as digital consumers consider taking a pass on the relatively expensive next-gen consoles in favor of low-risk, high-return streaming devices," said Forrester analyst James McQuivey.

Smartphones and tablet computers have become popular platforms for play, with many games available free.

(Also see: Game consoles will survive the smartphone and tablet gaming revolution)

"It is very narrow minded to say that it is Sony versus Microsoft versus

The stakes in the console game are heightened for Microsoft because Xbox has been a hit while the US-based technology colossus has seen other forays into consumer electronics flop.

Xbox One will be rolled out in 13 countries, including the US, Britain and Australia, on November 22.

(Also see: Microsoft Xbox One will go on sale November 22 in 13 countries)

PS4 vs. Xbox One: The next gen gaming wars