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Power Configuration Part 0: Introduction: Yikes, there is a lot that is not documented


I used to be hoping to put in writing a short two phase overview of the right way to configure the quite a lot of energy settings for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor. It was once going to be concise and transient, permitting me to get on to the subsequent subject. Sadly, as I dug into the subject additional, I found out that a lot of it isn’t very smartly documented. I discovered myself primarily writing moderately a bit of of clarification.

As typical, I’m beginning off penning this as a collection of blogs. At a later level, I’ll reformat the blogs right into a extra formal article with any semblance of humor eliminated.

Right here is my define because it exists thus far. This will trade as I dig additional into the subject.

  1. This very transient introduction and a few helpful references
  2. Why you could need to alter your coprocessor’s energy administration
  3. The micsmc (Intel® MIC Machine Administration Console) graphical interface: energy choices
  4. The micsmc (Intel MIC Gadget Administration Console) command-line interface: energy choices
  5. The configuration file: energy choices


Although the documentation is just a little sketchy, here’s what I discovered.

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