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Samsung Electronics Expands its Premium QLED TV Lineup in Europe


Samsung Electronics announced today the launch of a new, premium QLED TV, the Q8F, in Europe at the end of August. The Q8F is a flat screen counterpart to the previously launched Q8C and will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch models. This announcement marks the expansion of Samsung’s QLED TV line-up in Europe as the company seeks to solidify its leading position in the global premium TV market.



The Q8F will be added to the QLED TV lineup that already includes an 88-inch ultra-large model. The QLED TV line in Europe will consist of 14 models, providing consumers with a variety of QLED TV options to choose from.


Samsung offers its most comprehensive line-up of the premium TVs, providing three series of QLED TVs: Q9, Q8 and Q7. They range from 49 to 88-inches in size and the Q8F series, in particular, are the first flat screen models in Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV Q8 line-up. Now, consumers have the flexibility to purchase a TV that fits their premium lifestyle.


“I am proud to bring the flat version of the Q8 in response to the frequent requests of European consumers seeking premium, flat and mid-size TVs, which would operate perfectly in well-lit living rooms through the entire day”, said Sang-ho Cho, Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The QLED TV ushers new possibilities for televisions with its innovative technology and beautiful design, reflecting consumers’ lifestyles.”


Using metal quantum dot technology, the QLED TV always produces the most accurate colors regardless of scene brightness level. This unique characteristic was verified for “100 percent Color Volume” by the VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), the global standard certificate authority in Germany. With perfect color volume, QLED TV is able to deliver unique detail and incredibly realistic images.


QLED TV’s Invisible Connection, a transparent optical cable that is only 1.8 mm in diameter, eliminates the tangled clutter of cables that usually surrounds ambient space around the television. The No Gap Wall-mount, another design element of the QLED TV line, allows the television to be mounted flush against any wall and fit seamlessly into various spaces. Additionally, diverse stand options are available to fit consumers’ lifestyle and preference, including the Studio Stand and the Tower Stand.



QLED TV also features the unique One Remote Control, which allows consumers to easily control their peripheral devices connected to the television with a single remote. Additionally, the Samsung Smart Hub offers improved Smart TV navigation with immediate access to desired and personalized content on its main home screen.


The new Q8F will be available in 55-inch and 65-inch models, retailing at a recommended 2,599 Euro and 3,599 Euro respectively.


For more information on the full line of QLED TVs, please visit www.samsung.com.


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