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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 hands-on


Samsung did neatly to refresh the Android-powered Galaxy Digicam, but regardless of the “Galaxy Digital camera 2″ moniker, the adjustments are minor. The obvious factor is the end – long gone is the shiny plastic, changed through Samsung’s cool fake leather-based.

This, blended with the brushed steel accents (additionally plastic), if truth be told makes the camera seem stylish.

Samsung Ces 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 comes in black and white, both with the faux leather texture

The camera is a tad larger than the original, but lighter. The change in size isn’t that noticeable (it’s a huge device, no matter how you slice it), but shaving off a few grams had a positive effect (a small one).

The core of the camera hasn’t changed – it uses a 1/2.3″ BSI sensor with 16.3MP effective resolution and a 21x optical zoom lens with optical stabilization. The pop-up xenon flash is of course on board too.

Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014
Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014
The long zoom lens on the Galaxy Camera 2

The chipset has been updated too, the quad-core processor is now clocked at 1.6GHz, though it’s unclear whether Samsung used a newer core design (the original used Cortex-A9). The RAM has been doubled to 2GB and the storage grew twofold too. Don’t ask us how, but Samsung managed to leave only 2.8GB accessible to the user out of the 8GB total. You’ll want a microSD card in ASAP to do any serious shooting.

Despite the slight increase in processing power, the video recording skills remain the same – the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 will do 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps and there’s a 120fps mode at 512p.

Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014
The camera interface is the same

Samsung did spruce up the camera with a newer OS – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The Remote Viewfinder app that allows you to control the camera from an Android smartphone has been updated too. The camera also features NFC connectivity, which enables the Tag & go feature. This should enable sharing photos snapped with the Galaxy Camera 2.

More importantly, the battery capacity has been bumped up to 2,000mAh (up from 1,650mAh).

Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014
The Galaxy Camera 2 packs a bigger battery, but drops the SIM card slot

The screen is the same – a 4.8″ Super Clear LCD of 720p resolution (306ppi). It’s great for a point-and-shoot camera and average for an Android smartphone.

Samsung Ces 2014Samsung Ces 2014
A take a look at the TouchWizzed Android four.three and the Galaxy Digicam 2′s display

A smartphone this isn’t although, the Galaxy Digicam 2 we noticed at CES is lacking a SIM card and doesn’t have 3G/LTE connectivity. Samsung could as neatly unencumber a 3G/4G in a while although.