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Samsung Galaxy S5 will not have OIS camera


Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Observe three got here available in the market have been rumors that it’s going to have a camera with optical picture stabilization (OIS). It didn’t and rumors had it that it used to be as a result of the inadequate provide of stabilized modules in time for the launch. Then there have been a few OIS-enabled cameras linked to Samsung – a 13MP one and a 16MP one – with speculations coming that they’ll be used on the Galaxy S5.

Not so fast, says Korean publication ETNews. Apparently, the next Galaxy S flagship will not have OIS due to a number of issues. For one, OIS camera modules are thick and might not fit in the thin Galaxy S5.

Getting enough units is another issue – the Galaxy S phones sell in the tens of millions and Samsung is reportedly worried that camera suppliers won’t be able to deliver enough units, at least in time for the S5 launch early next year.

Samsung execs recognize that competitors are using OIS as a marketing point, but the next flagship smartphone will most likely miss out on the feature.

Keep in mind that that these rumors are in no way official and might turn out to be false. The same goes for other Galaxy S5 rumors including the metal frame and 64-bit processor.

Source (in Korean)