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Samsung reportedly sold 40 million tablets in 2013


In line with a record in Korean media, Samsung has offered forty million tablets in 2013. The quantity falls proper in keeping with the producer’s expectations that have been published throughout an analyst day in November.

Samsung has reportedly bought 12 million tablets over the last three months by myself. That is hardly ever a shock as the corporate launched the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) during this period. It also promoted heavily its budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 range by offering discounts and bundling free tablets with other Samsung products.

While 40 million units is already a stellar number, Samsung has even more grandiose plans for 2014. The company allegedly plans to increase the 2013 number of tablets sold by 250% to a whopping 100 million units – in line with previous reports.

The abovementioned growth will be achieved in a fashion, similar to the one Samsung employed on its way to the top of the smartphone world. The company will launch a number of new tablets in different screen sizes, covering every price point on the market.

Source (in Korean)