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Samsung reveals 105-inch curved 4K TV, its view of the future home

Samsung conference Samsung conferenceJeremy White

Although Samsung’s CES press conference will undoubtedly be overshadowed by Hollywood director Michael Bay’s autocue disaster leading him to walk off the stage, there were a few interesting announcements to go with the drama. 

Samsung president and CEO BK Yoon set the agenda with remarks stating that the company was going to focus on the home of the future. 

“It has to protect, be safe, be flexible and be responsive,” he said. “We want homes that understand our needs and show us key information and put is in charge of our lives.”

So a new Smart Home app will link with Samsung smart home products to let you control your devices and environment. For example, say “going out” to your Gear smart watch and the LED lighting and heaters will turn off. Say “movie mode” and the lights dim. And so on.

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The other main focus for the company is clearly UHD TV. Samsung has some new sets to show off but the star of the show was its new concept television set called the Bendable TV. At press of a button the screen comes out from the edges of the bezel and transforms the flat screen set into a curved screen model. Most impressive. 

And curved was the theme to run with it seems with the launch of “the world’s largest UHD TV”, a concave 105-inch monster — the U9000. 

The U9000 has a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio with 11 million pixels for a 5,120×2,160 screen resolution as well as UHD upscaling and UHD dimming, and with new multiscreen functions is clearly the company’s flagship television for 2014. The U9000 will also come in 65-inch and 55-inch curved models. 

Once again Samsung has been busy in the kitchen, producing some products in collaboration with the Michelin-starred chefs from its Club Des Chefs initiative. The highlight for Wired.co.uk here being, sadly, a dishwasher where Samsung has done away with inefficient conventional rotary drum and come up with something called WaterWall which moves water in waves through the machine while cleaning. 

Aside from the new Samsung tablets, bringing up the rear was — drumroll please — the “world’s largest washer dryer with a load capacity of 25kg”. Samsung’s new 9000 series can wash a load in just 30 mins. Boring, but if you have children, this might just make your day. 


So never mind Michael Bay, it will all come out in the wash.