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San Francisco to London, the Days of Developers


It was once lower than a month in the past that Samsung held its first convention for builders in america, the Samsung Developers Conference 2013 (SDC 2013) @ San Francisco. However, with developers all over the globe, how could everyone possibly make it that far?


Well, not to worry. Europe had its own version of the Developers Conference called ‘Samsung Developer Day’ (SDD)! The event, held on the 18th of November at the London Film Museum was Samsung’s first annual European Developer Day. Here is what you need to know.


Samsung Developer Day welcomes you


SDC 2013 vs. SDD


One notable difference between Samsung Developers Day and SDC 2013 was that SDD was a smaller, more intimate event for European developers and it was focused more on the European developer community. Although SDD was a much cozier event compared to SDC 2013, there were attendees from 16 countries and over 120 companies were represented.


Layout of the Samsung Developer Day in London


The basic philosophy of SSD was the same as SDC 2013. Samsung recognizes that developers hold the key to the future and Samsung is eager to assist the developers in creating the apps of the future. As many developers are already familiar from SDC 2013, Samsung has announced a variety of new and advanced tools and services for developers, such as SDKs and In App Purchases. SDD provided a great opportunity for the European developers community to get to know about these new tools and services in more detail.



The Day


SP Kim at the Samsung Developer Day


The Samsung Developers Day opened with a welcome speech by SP Kim, President of Samsung Europe. Then, similar to SDC 2013, with Lee Epting as the presenter, the keynote was held; presenting and demonstrating all the SDKs and services that were going to be featured on the day.


Lee Epting at the Keynote Samsung Developer Day


There were two session categories for the Samsung Developer Day: technical sessions and commercial sessions. The following are some of the topics from the in-depth technical sessions:


*Samsung Mobile SDK combines ten individual packages such as the S Pen, media control, professional audio, and gesture all combined to offer easier overall development.


*Samsung Multiscreen SDK is about true convergence. It includes APIs for one-touch discovery and pairing of devices.


*Multiscreen gaming SDK is a gaming engine built on the multiscreen SDK. This allows games developers to create multiscreen gaming experiences, where gamers can play on any big screen TV using a Samsung smartphone or tablet as a console.


*Samsung Smart TV SDK lets developers build apps for Samsung’s line of smart TVs. It now supports smart home development, closed captioning and improved content filtering and search


Topics, such as ‘Differentiating your Product/Service using Samsung Technology’, ‘How to Optimize your Partnership with Samsung’ and ‘Creating Successful NFC Apps with Innovative Use Cases’ have been on hand for the industrial classes.



The Dedication


Lee Epting, Vice President of Media Resolution Heart Europe mentioned, “We need to join with builders as a way to get eager about pre-unencumber technology, are open to verbal exchange and have loads of how to put our hardware via its paces. This experience is one of the best location to construct the foundations of a super working relationship” 


The SDC 2013 and SDD strongly recommend that Samsung is dedicated to working intently with engaged builders. Samsung realizes that innovation in an effort to completely and certainly alter how we are living might be generally formed by means of builders. Samsung is dedicated to offering the technical reinforce builders wish to create one of the best apps. All of the SDKs, corresponding to Samsung Cell, Multiscreen and Good TV SDK, exhibit that dedication. It seems like Samsung will likely be persevering with to beef up the eco-machine for builders from right here on out.



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