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Saying a Torrent of GameStream-Prepared Tools



PCs have at all times supplied players two issues they are able to’t get any place else: Extra energy than another platform, and the more or less freedom most effective their open structure can ship.

Our GameStream know-how – unveiled not up to a yr in the past – guarantees the power to take that energy extra locations, giving avid gamers the flexibility to circulate their video games to our SHIELD transportable gaming instrument from the cloud or their PC.

Now we’re introducing an ecosystem of “NVIDIA GameStream-prepared” licensed PCs and Wi-Fi routers a good way to supply avid gamers the power to make sure tremendous-clean, low-latency gaming from their PC or the cloud, the usage of equipment from all kinds of sources.

The enormous thought: avid gamers can play their favourite titles as simply as they may be able to watch a film on Netflix. And it’s advancing quick.

Two months in the past, we moved GameStream out of beta, with reinforce for over 50 video games. A month later, we delivered support for 1080p at a silky smooth 60 frames per second.  More recently still, we launched a beta service that enables games to be streamed directly from the cloud to SHIELD.

Now we’re hustling to put this technology in the hands of as many gamers as possible. We’ve been working with PC builders to create GameStream-ready PCs that have the NVIDIA GeForce GTX card required for game streaming and come preinstalled with NVIDIA GeForce Experience, which provides the necessary software.

That list includes some of the PC industry’s best known names:

NVIDIA GameStream-ready routers are optimized for in-home PC game streaming from GeForce GTX- powered PCs, as well as NVIDIA GRID cloud game streaming.  They include:

By referring to the list of NVIDIA GameStream qualified components and Wi-Fi routers, you can be confident that you can stream your PC games from your PC, and eventually the cloud, to your SHIELD.

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