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Sculpt Comfort Mouse for Windows 8


Microsoft Sculpt Relief Mouse is to facilitate the work with the brand new working device with its different keys.Sculpt Comfort Mouse

Windows 8 is a combination of tablet and PC operating system and for this reason users are not always easy to use – especially if you only have a mouse and no touchscreen. Microsoft itself now wants to help with a specially adapted input device to its users. The mouse contains a blue sculpt Comfort additional button which has a touch-sensitive surface. With this, Windows 8 will be easier with swiping taxes. So one can move about through all open applications and call up an overview of currently running programs.

In addition, a press of the button allows you to return to the Windows Start screen, you should have one “run” – or (on request) calling the traditional desktops. In all these functions are quite comfortable longstanding Windows make friends, however, the question of whether it would be wiser to obtain a suitable equal for Windows 8 Touchpad – because that is the work potentially even easier. Mouse fans will sculpt with the Comfort Mouse but overall more fun to have Windows 8. They will be integrated into the system wirelessly via Bluetooth.

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Product: Sculpt Comfort Mouse
Producer: Microsoft
Value: $39.ninety five