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Sony car head unit turns your phone into an infotainment system


Android in automobiles has unexpectedly change into a scorching matter with the muse of the Open Car Alliance by way of Google, however who know the way lengthy it is going to be unless the primary Android-enabled automobile hits the showrooms. Sony has a more effective resolution – a double-DIN goodphone dock.

If you happen to’re unfamiliar with the terminology, double-DIN is mainly the usual for automobile head gadgets.

The Sony XSP-N1BT connects to the phone by means of Bluetooth or USB, with NFC to lend a hand with pairing. Some Sony Xperia’s have handy magnetic charging pins, so that it will be used to offer energy to the phone. Attaching the phone to the dock will flip it into the automobiles touchscreen infotainment device.

Sony’s App Remote will be used to provide a simplified interface suitable for a car.

The N1BT features its own AM/FM radio receiver, a CD audio player and a USB player. There will apparently be an IR remote too for controlling those functions when the phone isn’t attached.

Speaking of phones, the dock is configurable to fit phones of different sizes. The double-DIN standard prescribes dimensions of 180×100 mm, so presumably even the Xperia Z Ultra phablet will fit (it measures 179.4 x 92.2 mm).