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Sony MDR XB920 Headphones



December 10, 2013, 12:20 IST

Anirudh Regidi

Digit Rating: Good

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  • Enormous quantities of bass
  • Great design
  • Replaceable cables


  • Enormous quantities of bass
  • Expensive


A well-heeled bass-head’s dream, that’s what the MDR XB920 is. It’s a well-designed set that pumps out ridiculous amounts of bass at a hefty price tag. It’s not a set that will appeal to everyone, but for those who want what it offers, the set is ideal. Read on to find out why.

Xtra Bass for bass heads, that is who this set is for. The Sony MDR XB920 is loud (each visually and sonically talking) and is remarkably smartly-constructed on the similar time. The aluminium physique feels very sturdy, but in addition helps in conserving the burden down. The pads on the band and on the ear cups iare good and tender and additional add to the alleviation of the set. That mentioned, the tight match of the ear pads form of dampens your enthusiasm whilst you put on the set for prolonged sessions; the fake leather-based padding isn’t fitted to absorbing sweat and a humid head doesn’t make for the proper listening expertise.

The set is smartly-designed, the cables are removable and may also be clamped in in order that they don’t fall out simply and the folding ear cups imply that regardless of its dimension, the set within reason transportable. Sony additionally bundles an additional cable, one that features a microphone and in-line extent controls for many who need to use the set with a mobile phone. The cables are additionally of the flat, tangle-free selection that we truly savor. We don’t actually have a subject matter with the color scheme per se, it’s simply that whereas a few of us wouldn’t be caught in public with the set in our possession, different participants of our workforce simply fell in love with it.

Audio high quality

It’s all within the title, this set is designed to pump out ridiculous quantities of bass and that’s precisely what it does. The massive ear pads encase your head in a cocoon of sound, which may well be just right, if it wasn’t this sort of hole, reverberating cocoon. The bass may be very overpowering, an audiophile will go so far as to name that an unhealthy quantity of bass and it nearly feels just like the audio is reverberating in an enclosed room. For those who’re in reality into hip hop and different bass heavy tracks otherwise you’re the kind of one who’d love the speculation of sporting a collection that might dance in your head when there’s a heavy bass line, that is the set for you. The remainder of the spectrum isn’t reproduced very badly, in reality, it’s fairly respectable, it’s simply that the bass overpowers the whole thing else.


This set is a bass-head’s dream and the chunky design coupled with the silver and pink accents make this the wannabe-rapper’s dream. The MDR XB920 is designed namely for anyone who’s very explicit about just one facet of his tune. Sadly, at Rs.12,000, the set is on the costlier facet and we really feel that one thing like a Harmon Kardon CL can be a significantly better purchase if you need a excellent set and even the Ingenious Tactic 3D Sigma will provide you with those self same colossal bass ranges at 1/2 the associated fee. Alternatively, If you happen to like chunky bass and the XB920’s aesthetics, you gained’t be disillusioned.