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Sony rumoured to release a Windows Phone this year



January 2, 2014, 12:05 IST

Kunal Khullar

Sony rumoured to release a Windows Phone this year

As the New Year has finally set in, it’s time for the rumour mill to churn out some exciting news. A few months back we had seen Sony prototypes running Windows Phone but unfortunately these devices never made it to the market.  Well, now we are hearing through reports that Sony could be planning on launching a device running on the Windows Phone platform this year.

If the rumour is true, then it could mean that Sony will finally take its edge off from Android and diversify its mobile unit. This would also mean that WP leader Nokia will finally face some serious competition as Sony is known for some brilliant looking smartphones. Just a few weeks back a rumour about Samsung had dropped in that Microsoft is offering a billion dollars to Samsung to work on Windows Phone devices, a similar amount which was offered to Nokia at the time of takeover.

Although there is no confirmed news about any deals between Sony and Microsoft, or even Samsung for that matter, these developments are a big boost for the Windows Phone platform. If Samsung and Sony do commit to launch smartphones running Windows Phone, then we could see a huge rise in the number of WP running devices globally. 

Source: The Verge

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