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Sony Store Goes Mobile for Shopping and Support


Just right information for Sony lovers on the go! Sony Store has launched a new mobile shopping experience!

Through our team’s hard work, you’ll notice lots of improvement from previous mobile versions of our store site. We made sure that there is plenty of hit space so even if you’re all thumbs, you can still shop with ease.

mobile homepage

You’ll also notice that it closely mirrors our main site. To make sure we had a consistent experience we chose to use images instead of links within the category pages to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

mobile site 1

And because of system improvements, we can now list all of the same promotions including bundle offers as well as offer Sony Rewards points for mobile purchases. And speaking of purchases, we’ve also added Paypal™ to payment options to make check out a snap.

mobile product page

 But what happens if you need help with yourSony gear and you’re on your phone or tablet? We’ve got you covered there too. Separately, we launched a mobile support app for help with your Sony gadgets even when you’re away from a computer. It is available in both the Google Play Store and in iTunes.

The app contains helpful information like user manuals and software updates but also has all the contact info for our support team including our support phone line, email and social media handles.

Get the full scoop on our Community blog– there are also links to download the app in the post.

Mobile support app

Considering each of those mobile initiatives are new, we’d love to listen to what you assume. Please go away us remarks within the feedback.