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Sound Design Essentials: The Chorus


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Warning! This one is going to be full of sounds! This is going to be very catchy like the chorus (or hook) of a song. The main message of the song is often hidden inside the chorus. However, Samsung has nothing to hide. In this segment, we will tell you the sound concepts and elements of Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 3; and the best part is that you’ll be able to listen along as we go because we will share the tracks by Samsung Sound Lab, right here on this page!


Before we start, we should go over the two ways in which sounds are produced.  The first is music composition, which is typically used to create system sounds such as ringtones and alarms; this method was used to create sounds for the GALAXY S4. The second method is Foley Recording, which is, essentially, the recording of an actual sound; this method was used to create sounds for the GALAXY S3.


Sound Design Essential- the sound of galaxy album cover, not real


That should be good enough for now, let’s just get right to the chorus, where the hook is going to be! Here are the tracks!



Galaxy Note 3 Track #1: In My Notebook by Samsung Sound Lab

Galaxy Note 3 image

Galaxy Note 3 In My Notebook


Concept: Use of unique sound and haptic (vibration) designs to enhance the user’s experience while using the S pen.


Epilogue: The haptic sound with S Pen makes it so that the writing surface feels like paper. For example, there are different pens with different sounds and vibrations, so that it picks up on the user’s writing speed and creates different sounds accordingly. What is more, one of the ringtones featured in the GALAXY Note 3 was made by recording the sound of writing with a pen and paper.


Extra: The Note 3 supports the Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) format, which has a resolution of more than twice the sound quality of CDs.



Complimentary: Galaxy Gear Sound Concept


Galaxy Gear image


The Galaxy Gear is making a lot of waves, and not just for its cutting edge technology.  Every sound was redefined for the GALAXY Gear! Since the wearable device is worn on the user’s body, it is always exposed. Therefore, the sound and vibrations were designed to not disturb the user. For instance, when the GALAXY Gear receives a call, the sound gradually escalates so the user is not alarmed. Overall concept is ‘minimal, modern luxury.’



Galaxy S4 Track #1: Lens Flare (Light) ft. Lock, Tap, Unlock by Samsung Sound Lab 


Galaxy S4 image

▲Galaxy S4 Lens Flare Unlock Sound

▲Galaxy S4 Lens Flare Tap Sound

▲Galaxy S4 Lens Flare Lock Sound



Concept: ‘Future optimism,’ with a modern take on classical and iconic Samsung sounds.


Epilogue: To reflect an optimistic emotion for the future, Samsung’s sound designers metaphorically used the concept of “scattering light;” exploring what light would sound like when it comes into contact with nature, such as trees or leaves, for the ‘unlock display sound.’



Galaxy S4 Track #2: Over the Horizon by Samsung Sound Lab


▲Galaxy S4 Over the Horizon


Concept: For the dialing sound, ‘Over the Horizon,’ reflects ‘future modernism’ while also featuring refined sounds that are classically representative of Samsung. The sound incorporates a sense of mystique and heritage, and an enduring spirit of mobility.


Epilogue: 'Over the Horizon' has been the representative tune of Samsung since GALAXY S1 (revival of Rock) and S2 (revival of Nature). Thus, GALAXY S4 carries the Samsung heritage through a modern take of Rock and Nature sounds.



Galaxy S3 #1: Ripple Sound ft. Drag, Lock, Tap & Unlock by Samsung Sound Lab


Galaxy S3 image

▲Galaxy S3 Ripple-Drag Sound

▲Galaxy S3 Ripple-Lock Sound

▲Galaxy S3 Ripple-Tap Sound

▲Galaxy S3 Ripple-Water


Concept: GALAXY S3’s unique sound library was inspired by nature and designed by keeping organic design principles in mind. Sound designers at Samsung researched hundreds of natural sounds, as well as human reactions to different sounds. They then composed new sounds that they mapped to different phone actions, such as launching an application or unlocking the phone’s screen. The result was sounds that are evocative of nature and delicate and comforting for users.


Epilogue: The GALAXY S3’s unlock screen features an image of ‘water,’ and various sounds were collected during the process of creating the sound —rippling water in bowls, whipping sounds of liquid in a bowl—to match the sound with the visual effect. Additionally, instead of the standard ‘DTMF’ dial sound that is found in phones, the S3’s dialer sound is also that of water droplets. A variety of liquids were recorded, including milk, juice, pure water and yogurt. Sound designers finally found the right sound by blowing bubbles in orange juice.


So that’s it for the segment. We hope it wasn’t too much of a disappointment that we couldn’t get you the sound samples from the Galaxy Gear – it’s just too new right now! In our next (and final) installment, ‘Sound Design Essentials: The Artists,’ we will get a chance to interview the director of Sound Lab! If you have any questions you want to ask, leave a comment. It might not be too late to get your questions in! 



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