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Sound Design Essentials: The Intro


Sound Design Essentials: The Intro


Let’s suppose that you are in a mall, waiting for a movie to start at the theater. Your Galaxy Note 3 vibrates, so you check it and see that it’s your friend calling. He tells you that he is at the Samsung store checking out the latest Curved OLED TV. You’re not far away so you step into the store as familiar music resonates in the background. Suddenly, your phone goes off to tell you that it’s time for the movie.


So, all told, how many times did you hear a sound created by Samsung? (Keep reading for answers!)


‘Sound’ might seem like an unfamiliar territory for Samsung, but you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how familiar you are with the sound of Samsung. Over the next few segments, we will break down all that goes into designing those Samsung sounds. To properly start out this journey of sound, it is only appropriate to touch base on what ‘sound design’ is.



Sound Design vs. Musical Composition


The Difference Between Sound Design and Musical Composition


Is ‘Sound Design’ just a fancy word for ‘musical composition’? Absolutely not. By definition, composition is the process of making new piece of music. Sound design is the use of machines and equipment to record, synchronize, mix or reproduce music, voices or sound effects. Therefore, sound design is more about manipulation of ‘sound’; however, it also heavily involves generating or composing ‘sound or audio elements’. Basically, composers and sound designers are two different professionals. 



Sound Design vs. Samsung


Auditory user interface (AUI) designers is basically a fancy way to say ‘sound designers’. Sound design is commonly associated with theatre performances and film. However, it is no surprise to say that corporations like Samsung use sound design for far different reasons. What Samsung realizes is that sound is a key component of establishing a unique brand identity, hence the term “auditory user interface.”


The relationship between Brand Identity and Sound


Like any other aspect of UI (User Interface), sound needs to be approached from multiple perspectives. Therefore, sound designers at Samsung come from different backgrounds; as composers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, entertainment producers and live sound mixers. The team of sound designers generates and manipulates sound elements to provide sound identity at a place called the ‘Sound Lab’.


The final products of the ‘Sound Lab’ can be heard in three main areas: media (web, commercials and events), products (home appliances, mobiles and etc.) and shops (Samsung stores and exhibition booths).


So now, you can answer the question posed in the beginning in terms of how many sounds you heard. The answer is 3 – the vibration, music in the store, and alert for your movie. Didn’t realize that “vibration” was a sound? Then there’s still a lot to discuss, and we’ll get to that one in our next segment. In fact, we will go over more in depth on how sound is designed in Samsung; how brand identity is created through sound, how it is applied and the future of sound design. So please stay seated as we anticipate for the second movement. Until then, here is an extra session about the Samsung Sound Lab’s most recent piece.



Extra: How ‘Over the Horizon’ Sounds


Characteristics of the Over the Horizon


Samsung Sound Lab’s most latest distinctive model sound with an formidable title is known as, “Over the Horizon.” The story in the back of this sound is as distinctive because the sound itself.


To deliver Samsung’s id right into a sound, sound designers first wished to grasp what folks most often considered Samsung. Greater than 1,000 folks global participated in a survey on the “picture and price of Samsung,” The consequences have been simplified in 5 key phrases: future-oriented, revolutionary, new, ingenious, certain.


How is it even imaginable to painting “future-oriented, progressive, new, ingenious, sure” right into a sound? It took about 10 months, however Samsung Sound Lab achieved its mission. Its resolution was once the digital collaboration with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


Take heed to the “Over the Horizon’ and notice if which you can get a way the 5 key phrases.


Over the Horizon Model 2011


Over the Horizon  Model 2012


Over the Horizon Model 2013

* The media participant for the sound pattern could fluctuate relying to your internet browser.Home windows Media Participant HTML5 Extension for the browser is also wanted.


Did you trap it? In the event you didn’t, proceed to learn this paragraph and be at liberty are trying it another time. The introduction gives a pleasant and smartly-balanced environment. The robust impression that comes proper after conveys future-oriented values and the progressive spirit. The distinctive Main seventh word signifies a brand new picture and the inventive thoughts, and the remaining be aware (the Excellent fifth) represents the problem and sure thoughts of Samsung.


The spectacular factor about this sound is that the real recording was once completed at an extended distance, through the use of a far off are living recording of the orchestra at a Hollywood studio whereas the orchestra used to be if truth be told enjoying in Prague.


This tune can also be present in Samsung’s Galaxy devices. For example, it’s built-in into the Galaxy goodphones as a ringtone, a pattern tune on the tune participant, an alarm sound, a textual content message notification, or just while you flip the phone on or off. How does it really feel to have the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on demand? Elegant (or future-oriented, progressive, new, inventive, sure.)  

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