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Tata Docomo launches Photon Max Wi-Fi dongle



December 2, 2013, 5:06 IST

Kul Bhushan

Tata Docomo launches Photon Max Wi-Fi dongle

Tata Docomo has introduced a new Wi-Fi dongle, called the Photon Max Wi-Fi. The new Wi-Fi dongle is capable of connecting up to 5 devices simultaneously. This device is powered by Qualcomm Gobi with dual processor technology, which is supposed to make multimedia experience better.

Existing customers of Tata Docomo Photon can upgrade their services to Wi-Fi by buying a new device at just Rs 1999. Moreover, there is also a device cash back offer which makes the device free of cost in 13 months. Customers can opt from a range of Wi-Fi plans, starting from Rs 650 that offers 3GB unlimited data to Rs 1500 offering 15GB of unlimited data. There’s also option for
for Pay as you go.

Customers can also opt for Advance Rental Plan by paying Rs 4999 upfront and get 15GB unlimited data each month for 3 months. Post 3 months, the customer can migrate to the plan of their choice. For further information on tariffs and offers please logon to http://www.tatadocomo.com/photon-max-wifi.aspx

Speaking on the launch, Mr GurinderSingh Sandhu, Head Marketing, Tata Docomo said: “Standing tall on the fundamental tenet of simplifying consumer’s life, Photon Max Wi-Fi serves up a hassle-free experience for our consumers. Customers can get high speeds on the go and create their own Wi-Fi zone connecting upto 5 users simultaneously anywhere, anytime. We firmly believe that the future of the telecom category is data and that too not just providing access but a whole new world of services riding on the data networks. For the youth, conversations do not start or end with voice but seamlessly extend to various online platforms like Facebook, Instant messaging and other Multi-media platforms and hence the future of telecom will be driven by our ability to deliver solutions that help consumers enjoy endless conversations in an affordable manner. ”

“Mr Sandhu further added that currently consumers have to juggle between multiple data plan options, technologies (3G, 2G, CDMA, etc.), operators and devices. With the launch of Photon Max Wi-Fi customers can now experience seamless, operator agnostic high speed internet access with single touch-point across multiple devices for individuals as well as home internet usage.”


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