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The Drop: New PlayStation Releases for January 7th, 2014


Don't Starve

Some days, you wake up in a warm bed — perhaps next to a loved one — and you start the day fresh, with the sweetness of a half-remembered dream lingering behind your eyes. Other times, you wake up on a twisted island of dark horrors with a fast-depleting hunger meter and a growing beard. On those days, you’re likely playing Don’t Starve, which launches on PS4 this week!

That’s right friends, the fan-favorite survival game finds a new home on PS4. Don’t Starve is an uncompromising, randomly-generated survival game where you must help the Gentleman Scientist Wilson endure the harsh (likely demonic) environment for as long as possible. Gather food, craft tools, construct shelter, and hunt unlikely foes with a brutal challenge at every footfall.

Don't StarveDon't Starve

If energetic survival isn’t your cup of tea, there’s extra coming to the arena of PlayStation! However on the grounds that we’re rising from our gentle vacation lineup, we took a “Drop Lite” means lately. See under for a whole listing of video games hitting PlayStation this week, and experience!

  • Don’t Starve: Console Variation: PS4 — Digital
  • Streetkix: Freestyle: PSP — Digital
  • Tiny Brains: PS3 — Digital (Additionally To be had on PS4), Move Purchase
  • Twisted Lands: Shadow City + Demo: PS3 — Digital

We’ll see you subsequent week for a often-formatted Drop. Hope your New 12 months is beginning off nice!

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