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The Lenovo Lounge Comes Together at Aquaknox


Visitor weblog by means of Ryan Freeman, Communications Consultant, World Products and services, Inside Communications.

Lenovo’s lounge at Aquaknox is an oasis of cool within the Mojave wilderness. Grand, black columns stand upright in the course of the constructing as mushy blue gentle fills the massive restaurant. Shiny white counters take a seat flush on black desk mounts and Lenovo trademarks dot the columns and partitions. It’s thrilling and really Vegas, however easy inviting and minimalist. Lenovo’s very personal Director of Design, Rebecca Welles helped to create the fashionable décor together with our pals and companions at Experience Technique Staff. “This year’s CES show off design picks up on our multimode theme- the use of spherical shapes, iconography in 3D and utilized patterns. We’ve even snuck in some surprises within the type of werewolves, tadpoles and butterflies that talk to how our products morph into various issues,” mentioned Welles. “We have been allowed to make use of the complete area as an entire, making a so much greater feeling, cohesive area. With the problem of becoming an increasing number of cool products into our show each year, we’ve got to ensure the distance can work as industry within the day and for events at night time.”

Check up on one of the crucial photos of the lounge at Aquanknox at CES: