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The power of Search, now across apps


A job so simple as selecting a film to peer can if truth be told be advanced — and the tips you need can also be in a couple of totally different locations, incessantly in apps. You could get your trivialities from IMDb, the field workplace stats from Wikipedia and rankings from Rotten Tomatoes. Beginning as of late, Google can prevent the digging for data within the dozens of apps you utilize daily, and get you proper the place you wish to go in these apps with a single search. Google Search could make your existence a bit more straightforward via fetching the reply you want for you — whether or not it’s on the net, or buried in an app.

Getting you there sooner
Let’s say you’re preparing for the vacations however can’t understand that the title of that basic Christmas film you wish to have to point out your kids. Now, you should utilize Google search to seek out the film and analyze extra about it in one among your favourite apps.

Helping you find just the right app
Sometimes, the best answer for a search can be an app. Say you want to explore downhill skiing — now, you can just ask Google for downhill skiing apps and get a collection of useful apps.

These new features are rolling out now on Android (through the Google Search app or directly in Chrome and Android browsers). App listings for from Google Play will appear in search when they’re relevant. You’ll be able to search within a select number of apps initially (learn more). We’re working with developers to add more over the coming months (if you’re a developer, learn more). 

This is only one step towards bringing apps and the online collectively, making it even more uncomplicated to get the suitable data, in spite of the place it’s positioned.

Posted by way of Scott Huffman, VP of Engineering