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Tobii and SteelSeries team up to make eye-tracking game peripherals


Tobii and SteelSeries team up to make eye-tracking game peripherals

Eye-monitoring experts Tobii and online game accent makers SteelSeries have introduced a brand new partnership to make gaming peripherals so that it will monitor avid gamers’ eye actions.

The businesses imagine that eye-monitoring has the possible to counterpoint video games and "create authentic immersion," and collectively they may liberate what they are saying is the sector’s first mass market eye-monitoring peripheral for players.

They supply examples like characters in video games reacting to your gaze, or with the ability to transfer a mini map round without needing to take your mouse cursor off the battlefield.

Small print on the real device on the way to outcome from this partnership are scarce, however SteelSeries plans to announce extra "over the following a number of months." Sadly it would not seem like we are going to see the brand new tech at CES next week.

X marks the Eye

However, we’re not totally in the dark about how the companies’ eye-tracking peripherals might eventually take shape.

Tobii said its Tobii EyeX Controller, unveiled in December and being showcased at CES 2014, is a good example of what future eye-tracking products might look like.

The EyeX is a small black peripheral available to developers for $195 (about £118, AU$217) along with a software kit, development framework and working example of eye-tracking software and games.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFGb-fL2dHk

Tobii has revealed that the full EyeX kit will be available for $95 (about £57, AU$105) at CES or with the coupon code "CES2014."

A focused gaze

Tobii has been hacking away at eye-tracking for a long time.

In 2011 Tobii and Lenovo created a prototype laptop with eye-tracking built in; the same year they revealed the first eye-tracking game, EyeAsteroids.

More recently, it released the first eye-controlled tablet, the Tobii EyeMobile, in 2013.

And at CES last year Tobii unveiled Rex, an eye-tracking add-on for Windows 8.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. Ha.