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Upload your selfie to the front cover of Wired


BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti took a selfie for our magazine’s front cover this month (with a little help from Peter Yang). Now it’s your turn.

To see yourself on the front page of Wired, all you have to do is download the free Wired app to your iPad, grab yourself a free copy of the February 2014 sample magazine, wait for it to fully download and follow the on-screen instructions to replace Jonah Peretti with your own face.

The picture will save to your photos, allowing you to share your strangest/funniest/most cat-centric cover via Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, using #wiredgoesviral.

A selection of the best covers will be featured on Wired.co.uk, with one singled out and published in the next issue of our magazine.

The sample magazine is live right now, so start taking those selfies, but don’t forget to add #wiredgoesviral to your photos so we can find you!


The Wired.co.uk staff have got the ball rolling, be sure to click through the accompanying gallery to see more.

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