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Want a girlfriend? Just buy a Samsung Galaxy Gear


So our cell phones can be utilized for just about the rest: discovering film instances, importing YouTube movies, GPS navigation, and naturally, the occasional phone name. However can a wisephone and a few cool equipment that pair with it mean you can get a female friend? Samsung says, “Completely.”

In a lately launched business (extra like a promotional brief movie), Samsung displays off all of the capabilities of the brand new Galaxy Tools Sensiblewatch when paired with their Note 3. In the video, two smartphone carrying Romeos vie for the affections of a young woman while at a ski resort.

The non-Samsung user is displayed as hapless. He drops his skis and his cell phone from the ski lift, fumbles with and breaks a glass of wine while reaching for his phone, and cannot get over his clumsiness (probably his punishment from the Universe for not buying Samsung) enough to win the girl’s heart. Mr. Samsung is smooth like a panther because he doesn’t need to take his phone out of his pocket as he commands his watch to do all of the work, leaving his hands free for wooing. The girl is super impressed with our leading man as he takes pictures and videos of her snowboarding, looks up info on wine, finds his phone after dropping it, and plays music, all from the comfort of his wrist.

Check out the film. It’s beautifully shot, if a bit awkward and too long.