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Whyd hopes to connect music lovers like never before



If you’re anything like the Wired.co.uk staff, you probably listen to your music from a number of different online streaming sources. Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion and Spotify are all great for finding and sharing music, but switching between them can sometimes be a nuisance.

Whyd, an aggregator and social record collection for all of your streaming music, hopes to solve this issue by allowing you to organise, collect and share your favourite tracks in one convenient place.

“Us music lovers are living in an exciting time with so much new music out there to enjoy,” said Gilles Poupardin, who created Whyd with cofounder Jie Meng-Gerard. “There are many more ways to access and discover music today, but the music remains stuck on different platforms. Now that all the music is available from the cloud, we at Whyd believe it’s time to re-think the way music lovers collect and share their favourite tracks.”

Using Whyd is simple enough, the green “Add Track” button allows you to search all of its available partnered music sources to find whichever track you happen to be looking for. As Whyd draws from such a broad range of content providers, users are almost guaranteed to find the song they’re after. If you’re not sure what to listen to, you can subscribe to other like-minded music lovers and enjoy their stream of new and undiscovered music, delivered directly to your account.

Poupardin told Wired.co.uk that he sees Whyd’s relationship with third party applications only strengthening as the product grows, “As far as other services go, we are looking to partner with everyone that we can, so that each partners’ users can share music with anyone, regardless of which different services they use. In 2014 we are looking to support Spotify, Rdio, Songza, and Bandcamp as sources; we are looking at different options for deeper integration into places like Deezer such as discovery-specific apps; and to integrate into curation platforms like 22tracks as a way for people to share the cool tracks they find to Whyd instead of other social networks not designed for music.”


The founders of Whyd envision 2014 to be a year of international expansion and growth, with the intention of pushing the platform around the world: “We’ll also…expand our mobile engineering team and launch our first app in a couple of months,” explained Poupardin. “By giving people a fast and simple way to collect and share all of the tracks they love, Whyd is creating the world wide sound-system that will connect music lovers like never before.”

Whyd is currently invitation only.