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Windows Phone Store reaches 200,000 apps


The continuing efforts from Microsoft is paying off because the Home windows Cellphone Retailer hit 200,000 apps only some days in the past. From modest beginnings in 2010, to 100,000 apps in June last year to double that just in time for the holidays this year.

Microsoft will be releasing $100 million worth of gift cards to 100 retailers across 41 markets to make it easier for users to buy apps (i.e. receive a gift card for the holidays).

Microsoft is stepping up its game when it comes to carrier billing. In developing markets where credit cards are rare, carrier billing brings a 6-fold increase in app purchases. Just recently Microsoft finalized agreements with new carriers, bringing the total to 51 carriers across 31 markets, more than any other platform.

The Windows Phone Store is available in 190 countries, offering 200,000 apps and serving 12 million requests each day. That’s not a billion like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but Microsoft’s store has already covered the majority of the key apps.