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You Requested, We Listened: Asserting Modifications to Our Developer Variation Software

At Motorola, we’re desirous about handing over the perfect Android experiences and one of the best of Google services and products. Over this previous year, we’ve labored very onerous to create methods for customers to precise themselves the usage of their mobile devices. Buyers who buy Developer Variation devices need the pliability to take this even additional and tinker with the running device. This will likely embrace growing and flashing a customized construct of Android or porting one from an fanatic group. Up except now, when a consumer requested a bootloader unencumber code we’d void the guarantee for that Developer Variation device.

We’re excited to enhance the developer and fanatic communities by using making two key adjustments to the Developer Variation software:

  • Requesting an unlock code will no longer void the device’s warranty
  • We will start posting return-to-factory software images

For customers who have previously purchased a 2012 or 2013 Developer Edition device directly from Motorola and who have requested a bootloader unlock code, we will reinstate the warranty effective from the date of original purchase. (You’ll recognize these models because they come with a printed “Developer Edition” across the back and include the Moto X DE (for GSM networks), Moto X DE (for Verizon), and Droid Maxx DE (Verizon).)

In addition, recovery images (as shipped from the factory) will be posted here. A developer or enthusiast can use this image to restore their device to run with its original factory software.

We hope that you like these changes. Keep telling us what you think (you can use the comments section below or participate in one of the many G+ forums such as Moto X).

We strongly consider within the developer and fanatic communities and intend to maintain making adjustments to higher strengthen them.

Posted via Punit Soni, Device Product Administration