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December 10, 2013, three:30 IST

Mithun Mohandas

Digit Rating: Excellent

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  • Custom heatsink design
  • 5 years warranty
  • Factory overclock


The ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! edition features a factory overclock which allows it to perform at the same level that a stock GTX 780 Ti does which makes this card a much more economically viable choice. And with the custom heatsink design it is guaranteed to run at lower temperatures while performing at high loads. The added freebies (Splinter Cell bundle) makes for an even more attractive purchase.

Now we have but every other ZOTAC manufacturing facility overclocked pix card with us for review and this time it’s the ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! model. The cardboard options ZOTAC’s triple silencer design which has three fanatics of which the one within the centre is a 100mm fan whereas the remainder two are 80mm fanatics.  The PCB has a black solder masks which appears to be favoured by way of most customers and is solely beauty. The cardboard desires a seven hundred watt SMPS with at the least forty two amperes on the 12 volt rail. The customized cooler isn’t that large so it most effective occupies two PCI-e slots which is the norm with all playing cards available in the market. 

The bottom clock is at 1006MHz which is 170MHz greater than the inventory card. The reminiscence clock scales consistent with 1552MHz. The reminiscence capability continues to be the identical because the inventory card with 3GB of GDDR5 reminiscence. 2304 CUDA cores makes this a just right card for OpenCL programming as smartly however a Tesla card could be higher. So far as SLI enhance goes, one could arrange a triple-SLI configuration with these playing cards. So through all way this card has far more packaged into the identical value phase. 


The cardboard runs beautiful quick on most excessive finish benchmarks. The additional processing energy is somewhat evident in all benchmarks and the cardboard runs at par with the GTX 780 Ti inventory card. The variation spans out within the low configuration benchmark however that’s a section the place these playing cards aren’t designed to be performed out. Getting a excessive finish card and taking part in video games on the absolute minimal configuration is a idiot’s errand. Even at extremely configuration the cardboard manages to push body charges in far more than a hundred FPS.

The Tomb Raider benchmark is person who manages to emphasize out even the excessive finish playing cards however on the grounds that we’re speaking concerning the excessive finish playing cards the playing cards do be capable of output within the excessive 70’s and low eighty’s. All over again the ZOTAC 780 AMP! adaptation performs nearly on the comparable stage because the GTX 780 Ti which is the quickest card we’ve benchmarked on the time of writing this text.

The Hitman Absolution benchmark has quite a lot of characters on the monitor on the comparable time giving us a take a look at how these playing cards would operate with video games that utilise the GPU over the CPU in relation to more than one objects. Even right here the ZOTAC 780 AMP! model performs in addition to the 780 Ti, then again, sure avid gamers will have a subject with video games working under 60 fps. Alternatively, this being an in-sport benchmark, there could be only a few scenes the place such ranges of stress could come up.

Once more, the ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! version continues to operate at just about the identical stage because the GTX 780 Ti inventory card. FPS stays within the mid 60s which will have to suffice for even essentially the most hardcore gamer in the market (for individuals who want a single-GPU setup over a twin-GPU setup). 


The Triple Silencer design can pay off with regards to retaining the cardboard cool. Underneath idle prerequisites the cardboard appears to hover within the mid 30s which is identical for many excessive-finish playing cards. Our check setup does characteristic a fairly cooler atmosphere in comparison with the typical temperature out of doors so the temperatures we’ve received would possibly now not be replicated in a non air-conditioned setting. However, the customized cooler maintain the ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! variation method cooler than the entire different excessive finish playing cards we’ve examined. At height load situation the cardboard maintained sixty five levels celsius.


 The ZOTAC GTX 780 AMP! variation incorporates a manufacturing facility overclock which lets in it to operate on the similar stage that a inventory GTX 780 Ti does which makes this card a way more economically attainable possibility. And with the customized heatsink design it’s assured to run at decrease temperatures whereas acting at excessive hundreds. The delivered freebies (Splinter Cell bundle) makes for an much more horny buy.

  • Chipset – GK110,
  • Base clock – 1006MHz,
  • Reminiscence clock – 1552MHz,
  • Movement processors – 2304,
  • Texture Gadgets – 192,
  • ROPs – forty eight,
  • Manufacturing course of – 28nm,
  • 3GB Reminiscence,
  • PCIe three.zero,
  • 2560 x 1600 digital decision reinforce,
  • DirectX beef up – eleven,
  • OpenGL make stronger – four.three,
  • Energy Connectors – 8Pin + 6Pin,
  • TDP – 250W,
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) – 267mm x 111mm x 35mm.
  • Guarantee – 5 years prolonged guarantee